Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Planning + No More Complaining

For some odd reason, I decided that taking 17 credits and and working two part-time jobs in one semester was a good idea. I know there are people who work and go to school full time and they deserve all the credit in the world, but damn have I had a hard time waking up the past few days. My class schedule itself isn't as difficult as last semester and I'm enjoying taking Japanese again! However, I'm quickly learning how to balance six classes, two jobs, an off-campus apartment and cooking all of my meals while trying to get a good amount of sleep.

Any time I feel bad for myself or whine about getting out of bed, I watch this video of 18-year-old Gaspar Marcos- an undocumented immigrant from Guatemala.

Gaspar came to America alone after both his parents died and has worked extremely hard to make a living. He wakes up every day for school and heads straight to work right after. Gaspar washes dishes at a restaurant until 2 a.m., goes home to shower and sleep and wakes up three hours later for school. This is not just a rare occurrence- Gaspar sometimes goes days without sleep. If I'm complaining about working 9-5 on weekdays, imagine how exhausted Gaspar feels? It's easy to get caught up in how anxious, stressed or tired I am, but I'm glad I found an inspiration in Gaspar so I can recognize how privileged I am everyday. I hope Gaspar's story will help you to realize how lucky you are too.

Because I have so many assignments, meetings and athletic events to remember, my Medium Agenda in Marble, Jade has become my lifesaver. Due dates and test dates tend to creep up when there's so many other things to remember. I've always loved planners but have never been diligent with tracking all of my projects and exams, but this year will be different. I started out by writing down my work schedule (don't want to show up to the wrong job on the wrong day!) and all of my family and friends' birthdays; by the way, I still owe you a present, Megan! Next, I filled in seasonal vacation and no school days. As I've gone through my first couple days of classes, I began to write down the final exam days in December even though it's still the beginning of school. Lastly, I note every important quiz, homework assignment or project that's listed in my classes' syllabi. Even though my workload will be insane this semester/year, I can't wait for what's to come!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Baylor Football 2016 | Upcoming MVPs

After the departure of Coach Briles and at least a dozen current and future players, the football team's roster had quite a shakeup. Starting spots on both sides were suddenly available as the team welcomed walk ons and late additions. Injuries and academic issues continued to plague the team as players such as DE Brian Nance, RB Johnny Jefferson, S Taion Sells and DT Byron Bonds were no longer able to play. Playmaking spots are now wide open and I have a feeling that a handful of players will make a huge impact on the upcoming season.

NB Travon Blanchard- Junior Blanchard has already seen lots of playing time at nickel over the past few seasons. A two-year starter, Blanchard could be the key to a solid defensive effort. With the defensive line being a major concern for the team, Blanchard could loan his skills to either the 3-4 alignment or in the backfield as an extra safety. His stats show his versatility on the field and his press quotes reveal his strong character. Look to Blanchard for leadership both on the playing field and in his everyday life.

LB Taylor Young- Taylor Young was one of my first favorite football players ever. Now a junior, the linebacker has been a menace on the field since his first game as a redshirt freshman. Even though he's not the largest player, Young's passion and strength outshine his size. He will be a crucial element to the 3-4 defense along with fellow LBs Aiaivion Edwards, Raaquan Davis and JUCO transfer Thomas Cletcher.

QB Seth Russell- There's currently no player on the team who's of more importance than senior QB Seth Russell. With all of the uncertainty in the offseason, Russell was a shining light for his fellow teammates and all of Baylor nation. Russell was undefeated as a starter last season before he went down with a broken neck and was one of the best quarterbacks in the nation. After such a horrible injury it will be interesting to see Russell's abilities back on the field once more. He will undoubtedly be the leading figure for 2016 Baylor football and is of great importance to today's team.

Monday, August 22, 2016

My Favorite Outfit Shot

Most fashion bloggers have a signature pose- the "candid" laugh (guilty), head turned over the shoulder, the brisk walk across the street, etc. My favorite fashion photo is the detailed shoe pose. In order to achieve the instagramable picture, I angle my phone or camera down toward my feet and stick my butt back so my clothing fits in. Most of the time my feet are facing forward with a little bend in the knee (who knew outfit pictures require so much effort?), which is the most flattering angle. I hold my bag down or sling the long strap over my shoulder and make sure that all of my jewelry is showing. Whenever I'm wearing opened toed shoes or sandals I like to have my nails painted to make everything prettier. A tiled mosaic, grassy patch or rock and stone mixture are all great backgrounds for shoes, so choose wisely. And that's are now a fashion blogger!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

The College Sophomore

Tomorrow marks a new beginning- my first day of classes as a college sophomore and the start of two athletics jobs. New school years always give me batches of anxiety, but I'm excited to start a real "adulting" life as I balance school, work, a new apartment and cooking my own everyday meals. This year I will learn how to manage a 9-5 weekday schedule with after school events and homework. I will probably struggle with stress and overwhelming amounts of work, but I have high hopes for my sophomore year! Here's to new beginnings, real adult work, a 17-credit semester and lots of sports work!
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