Monday, January 16, 2017

For MLK Jr.

There are many people I've grown to revere including Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard, Bill Snyder, Malcolm X and Nelson Mandela, but none sit as high on my list as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Growing up I used to adore the man so much I believed German monk Martin Luther was named after the Rev. himself. Although I'm now a bit more educated and understand the difference between the 16th century Protestant Reformation spearhead and the civil rights leader, the latter still has a place in my heart.

Nowadays, politicians and civilians alike quote MLK Jr. in the face of adversity, protest and civil disobedience, hoping to silence the dissent. Unfortunately, his supporters of today forget what he stood for in the past. MLK Jr. did not only speak on nonviolence and love. Yes, the "I have decided to stick with love" quote and the like are beautiful and inspiring, but they don't represent the whole of what the Rev. fought for. When people disagree with Colin Kaepernick's silent kneel during the national anthem and berate supporters of BLM during protests, they forget that MLK Jr.'s life was built on activism and civil disobedience. He was put in prison numerous times, beat by police officers, marched through Selma with his brothers and sisters, supported the purpose behind riots and condemned white supremacy and comfortability.

While it's easy to remember MLK Jr. as the peaceful, loving Rev. today's America makes him out to be, let us never forget the real issues he stood for. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a civil rights hero who always fought for the people even if it meant spending nights in prison, getting beat by the officers trained to protect the public, losing time with his family and ultimately sacrificing his life. We owe it to him and everything he fought for to remember him accurately. Do not make him out to be a puppet dancing when you don't try to understand Ferguson, Baltimore, Baton Rouge, Minnesota, Charleston, Staten Island, Cleveland and every other city where injustices have occurred. If we alter his memory, we're dishonoring his legacy.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

The 2016-17 Dallas Cowboys

While my mom cheered for the 49ers, dad had his Rams and Megan followed Peyton Manning through any career move, I never had an NFL team of my own. I still don't have my "ultimate team" (that spot is reserved for Baylor football), but this year I chose the Dallas Cowboys. Now, every time I say that I'm rooting for the Cowboys, every man rolls his eyes and says I'm hopping on the bandwagon, but that's not true. I never had a stance on the Cowboys until my favorite former college QB made his mark on the team. I've been following Dak Prescott throughout his years at Mississippi State and have always admired his talent and character. When I watched him play for Dallas with former Baylor WR Terrance Williams and RB Ezekiel Elliot aka the only Ohio State player I don't despise (I'm looking at you, Joey Bosa), I finally found my team even if it's only for this year. The combination of Dak's power arm, Zeke's agility, Dez + T.Will + Witten's fine motor skills and the O-line's absolute strength, the Cowboys took their game to the next level. Although they lost to the Giants, Eagles and Packers tonight, it's been remarkable watching how a few key players make an impact on the whole team's success. Aaron Rodgers, Derek Carr or the demon Tom Brady (eww) may be the NFL's MVP at the end of the season, but each Dallas player has made their mark on NFL history in 2016.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

5 Things

1. One of my favorite aspects of being home

2. The best view with my favorite people

3. Our New Year's food selection

4. Awkward family picture on ice

5. Books to read

Friday, January 13, 2017

The Perfect Floral Dress

Lush dress, Ocean Creations necklace, Kate Spade Saturday bag (old)

During winter break I lived in dresses and hiking clothes but this dress was my favorite of them all. I immediately fell in love with the style and pattern when I saw it in Nordstrom and despite a fitting room mishap (I couldn't take it off and tried pulling and stretching it over my head but it was stuck over my arms. I freaked out and stood with my arms straight over my head and the dress half off for 20 minutes before finally pulling it over.), happily purchased it. The dress cinches in at the waist and has a deep-v (that I have to cover with a half-cami or else the world would see my immodesty), which is perfect for fancier occasions. I wore it to a friend's wedding with strappy sandals and my favorite Saturday bag (RIP Saturday). After I saw the same dress in black a few weeks later, I bought it as well! And don't worry, I finally learned how to put on and take off a dress like a normal human.
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