Thursday, January 17, 2013

Back To Basics

Every girl needs a set outfit that she can throw on without another thought. How do you make this "perfect go to outfit"? Basics, basics, basics. There are many classic pieces that we all need in our wardrobes to ensure that we always look chic and pulled together, any time of the day.

Some basic clothing pieces are:

Fitted Blazer
Source: The Market Hipster
Perfect Jeans
Source: J. Crew (The pair I'm currently coveting)
Trench Coat
Source: The Fashion Tag
Button Down Shirt
Source: Nordstrom
Source: Banana Republic
Lightweight T-Shirt
Source: Nordstrom
Pencil Skirt
Source: J. Crew
Black Pumps
Source: Pinterest
Nude Flats
Source: Chic For A Week
Neutral Colored Handbag
Source: Marc Jacobs
 Makeup Basics:

Lightweight Foundation
Source: Nordstrom
Full Coverage Concealer
Source: Boots UK
Translucent Powder
Source: Neiman Marcus
Brightening Blush 
Source: Sephora
Source: Nordstrom
Source: Sephora
Source: MAC Cosmetics
Eye Shadow Quad
Source: Nordstrom

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