Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Real Beauty

This morning, I watched a Dove commercial about women and their self-image. I was not expecting such a powerful message to come out of that 6 minute video. Watch it for yourself:

As a woman and a lover of all things beauty and fashion, I've had my fair share of self esteem issues. I'm sure that all girls struggle with that.

Am I pretty enough?
Skinny enough?
Do I have freckles?
I can't wear glasses
No braces for me
Oh gosh, another pimple
Why can't I have blue eyes?
My hair isn't curly enough
My boobs are too small
Why don't I have a gap between my thighs?
My face is too round
I'm fat

These thoughts occur in the minds of women all over the world, every single day. We all struggle with what we look like and how we feel. I was so touched by this video and how real and raw it was. Those women didn't think they were beautiful at all. They critiqued and criticized every part of their body and face, but no one else did. As soon as they saw the portrait described by another person, you could see the sparkle in those women's eyes. 
We need to stop judging ourselves. In Psalm 139:14 it says, "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made!" It's true that we are made in the image of God as His beautiful daughters. Our physical appearance do not matter as much as our insides. 

The next time you are tempted to criticize yourself, just watch this video. Think about how you are as a person and then you can say whether that part of you is beautiful or not. You are gorgeous. You are perfect. You are His.


  1. I actually heard about this on the radio as I was driving to work this morning and wanted to check it out, so I'm so glad it was on your blog! Pretty amazing isn't it?? I know the result would have been the same for me had I participated. I love how you bring this back to scripture and God, as it is true, we are made in His image and He made each of us perfectly as He intended! Great post :)

    1. Yes Julie, it would have been the same for me as well! It's easy to see ourselves as being flawed and ugly, but that's not the case! Thank you for reading! :)

  2. I love this post! It is amazing how differently we see ourselves and how beautiful every single woman is. I wish more girls would realize this. So glad I came across your blog!
    want to follow eachother?


    1. Hi Cayli thank you so much! The video was really inspiring and heartbreaking at the same time so I felt that I needed to write this! I will definitely follow your blog on GFC! Thanks for reading! :)


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