Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Google Reader & Bloglovin'

Hi guys! As some of you may have heard, Google Reader is coming to an end, which means that you will no longer be able to see my blog and many others on your blog feed. This may sound sad, but it's actually a good thing! Google Reader was helpful, but it also stole page views and the ability for viewers to comment on a post. Not to worry though, if you are freaked out that all of your blog feeds will go missing. There is a blog feed system called Bloglovin' that I have been using since I started my blog. Bloglovin' is a wonderful website that allows you to follow your favorite bloggers and categorize their blogs into different groups.

This is a picture of the Bloglovin' website with some blogs displayed that I am subscribed to. Bloglovin' is really good because not only can you view the blog (counting as a page view), but you can also comment right on the blog through Bloglovin' (which you couldn't do using Google Reader).

My blog shows up on Bloglovin' with all of my posts there, which you can be notified of if you create an account! You can comment on, view, and like the posts from your favorite bloggers all on one website! The link for my blog page on Bloglovin' is here, which you can choose to follow if you decide to create an account. Bloglovin' really is a wonderful website where you can keep up with all of your favorite blogs on one place!

Google Reader will be deactivating within the next couple of weeks, so I highly recommend switching over to Bloglovin' to be sure that all of your favorite blogs will be saved!


  1. Transferring your favourite blogs from Google reader to Bloglovin was surprisingly easy and so quick! I was a bit devastated since I've been using Google Reader since I first started blogging, but lucky I also signed up for Bloglovin around the same time. But what about the bloggers who only use Google Reader? Would they feel like they'd have to start their reader-base all over again?

    Great post hun!

    Jess XO

    1. Yes, Bloglovin' is so easy and accommodating! I don't think that the bloggers using only Google Reader will have to restart their reader base. If their readers and followers know their URL and are constantly checking for updates, then nothing will change for the bloggers themselves. It's much easier to have a feed reader such as Bloglovin' though. There are also many different alternatives to Bloglovin' that will still keep all of your subscriptions in one place! Thanks for the comment, Jess! :)


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