Thursday, July 11, 2013

New MAC Favorite Lipstick + The Big Cut!

After an incredible review from Estee, I knew I absolutely had to go and buy MAC Plumful! It's probably the most gorgeous berry-plum lipstick I've ever seen and I love how it reminds me a bit of Captive, my mom's favorite MAC lipstick.

I've never quite understood the huge hype about MAC lipsticks, but now that I own one that I really love, I completely understand! The formulation is buttery soft and the lipstick itself is extremely pigmented. My lips feel very moisturized without a bit of dryness at all!

And here's me with the lipstick on...

Oh, I forgot to mention I cut my hair today! I'm still having mixed emotions about it, as it's much shorter than I wanted. I'm trying not to fret though, because I know that my hair will always grow back!

Have any of you had a bad hair cut/decision? Have you tried any of MAC's lipsticks? Which ones are your favorites?


  1. Noelle your new haircut is amazing and it frames your face perfectly!

  2. So glad you jumped on the Mac lipstick bandwagon! :D I'm obsessed! My all time favorite is Vegas Volt, and I also really love Pink Nouveau, Chatterbox, and Ruby Woo! And your haircut looks adorable :)

    1. Vegas Volt is going to be my next purchase thanks to you! :) Thank you so much!!


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