Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Five

I've recently been penning essays and poems that are more personal and on the creative spectrum compared to my daily TIN blog posts. These writings are either for class or for fun and have taken a lot of time, thought, and effort in order to be as beautiful and real as possible. This poem was written for English class and is the piece of work that I am most proud of.

The Five
percy was my first
his golden eyes stArtling upon first gLance
our souls collided aT the age of nine in the Sepia room
eight yeArs on still eXpressing our love
his baritone command breathing stars into the sky
william's modest mumble Grasped my spirit
the lonely leap from one string to another drove me to frenzy
heart and notes pUlsating at the same tIme
the one True love formed thick pAtches on the tips of my fingers
forcing me to seRenade the elephant dyed walls with my darkest mysteries
billy's pygmy size forced His type A personality
a steRling fox who could belt five notes at once
he Made his home in wacO before a permaNent vacation
gasping and sIghing his way past each number
Calling the piano mAn in to existence
marvin taught me how to dance
in the flickering light on the patio with the navy cotton stuck to my Body
when the night colored spots rested their wings in the hollow crevices
his 'A' vocals bouncing off my fingerS into the mustard light
whispering Sweet nothings at a decibel reading that was just for me
jonsi sang a falsetto unlike any Other
pitching a high Bb as a normal occurrence
my heart ached fOr him in the bitter chill of december
stumbling on the wrong notEs and creating catastrophes
as my hands reached for the song i couldn't sing 

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