Monday, November 30, 2015

Blogmas and Vlogmas

Blogmas is here everyone! I've been participating in Blogmas since 2013 and have enjoyed every year of it. Essentially, Blogmas is a time where bloggers/vloggers post solely about Christmas and holiday activities, DIYs, beauty tips, recipes, etc. The holiday season is my favorite time of the year and I look forward to Blogmas during the other 11 months of the year. As I've started vlogging this year, I will also be adding Vlogmas to my December itinerary! Vlogmas is the same idea where vloggers film their everyday activities. This month will be the most exciting yet as my blog will be filled with Christmas posts and videos everyday! I hope you all are looking forward to Vlog/Blogmas as much as I am!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Best Cyber Monday Deals

The holiday season is quickly approaching and although I wasn't able to shop on Black Friday, I'll be taking advantage of all that Cyber Monday has to offer. I've rounded up the best sales from my favorite brands and websites so that it will be easy for all of you to access the top bunch! Happy shopping!

J.Crew- 40% off 507 styles + 30% off everything else with code MONDAY

Nordstrom- up to 62% off select styles

Ki-ele- 15% off the entire site with code KIELE15

Macy's- 25-60% off select styles

Madewell- 25% your entire purchase with code SHOPATWORK

ASOS- 30% off the entire site with code BLESSED

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Saturday, November 28, 2015

5 Things

1. Meeting two of my favorite basketball players

2. One of the best football games I've ever seen

3. Watching basketball with two of my favorite people

4. Me and LaQuan

5. Skype dates with my best friends

Friday, November 27, 2015

Baylor vs. TCU Recap

As young children, we're often told stories about great heroes who rise up in the face of adversity, become courageous warriors, and ultimately defeat the bad guys. I've grown to think of the Baylor Bears as the biggest heroes in college football. Coach Briles hand-picks underdogs rather than always going straight for #1 recruits and turns them into champions. The players on the team have many heartbreaking life experiences, but they end up turning their hardships into stories of greatness. Unfortunately, the best heroes don't always win. Sometimes they can't destroy the dragon or the great beast and "happily ever after" disappears. Such was the case in Fort Worth tonight when the Bears played against bitter rivals- the TCU Horned Frogs. Despite having an incredible third-string QB and a hardworking defense, the Bears saw their dreams of a third consecutive Big 12 Championship trophy dissipate before their eyes as they fell in two overtimes in 20 degree weather on the road.

Although Baylor and TCU have the top two scoring offenses in the nation, the teams played arguably the ugliest game of football of the season in a freezing monsoon. There really aren't any highlights from either teams throughout the game because of the extreme environment. Both teams combined for 32 straight drives without scores and had more punts than complete passes. The Baylor offense had five turnovers and was held to only 335 total yards. The game was simply a nightmare that instead of showcasing the strengths of both teams, showed who survived and who didn't. QB Chris Johnson couldn't get a steady rhythm an obviously struggled passing the ball in the pouring rain. RB Devin Chafin was the shining star throughout the game who scored all three of the Bears' TDs in both regular gametime and overtime. The Baylor defense was strong throughout the game and held TCU QB Trevone Boykin and co to only 14 points in the regular game. Unfortunately, the Bears had the hardest time getting first downs and injuries, penalties, and the freezing rain were the real winners of the game.

Baylor won't hold the 2015 Big 12 trophy anymore, but they should direct their focus toward beating Texas on December 5th to close out the season and hopefully head to the Sugar Bowl on New Years' Day. The Bears shouldn't hang their heads because they played with full hearts throughout the game and never gave up despite the horrible weather. Coach Briles is the best and classiest coach in college football and he will lead the team to a victorious season ending.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Giving Thanks

This Thanksgiving will be the first time I've spent the holiday apart from family and friends. Being 3,500 miles away from home is extremely hard, but it's even more difficult during the holiday season. Luckily enough, I will be flying home in 20 days! I'm also especially blessed to have friends that are staying with me at school during our thanksgiving break. There are many reasons to be thankful during this holiday. I have the most incredible family that is always supportive and loving. Some people aren't lucky enough to have a good relationship with their parents and other family members, so I'm thankful that my family bond is strong. I FaceTime my parents everyday and know that I can always go to them with anything. My parents have supported me in all of my musical endeavors, stayed up until 2 am to pick me up after band performances, and have sacrificed so much so that I am able to attend the school of my dreams. I'm also thankful for my solid group of best friends because I don't know what I would do without them. High school band provided me with the most incredible set of friends that have seen me through my highs and lows and have remained there for me. We've been through so much together and although we're all separated at college/high school, our friendship stays strong through calls/texts/weekly FaceTimes. Some friendships dissipate in college, but I'm blessed to say that ours never will. I'm thankful to attend my dream university and be able to play music and watch football. That may seem trivial during the holidays, but two of the huge loves of my life are music and Baylor football. Playing music has been my passion for the past 10 years and my seven instruments mean the world to me. I'll always want to become a musician and the gift of music is a huge blessing in my life. I haven't always loved football, but Baylor football especially has become my passion. Some people aren't lucky enough to find their passions early in life so I'm thankful that I have. The sport isn't just a game to me because I hope to one day become a Baylor football coach and support the team that has changed my life.

I hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with the people that you love. Thank you so much for supporting this little blog. Your readership and support means the world to me.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Here Comes CJ

Photo courtesy of Tim Heitman (USA Today Sports)
True freshman QB Jarrett Stidham was quickly thrust into the drivers' seat when starting QB Seth Russell broke a bone in his neck in October. When the news was announced that Seth would be out for the season, every sports analyst and fan doubted Stidham's skill and ability to take the Bears where Seth could. Jarrett played in every one of the Bears' games either during garbage time or in a starting position. In 10 games, Stidham had 75 completions of 109 attempts for 1,265 yards with 12 TDs and two INTs. His stats spoke well for the true freshman's skills, but he was taken down on a hard hit during the Oklahoma State game and was ruled out for the season with a broken fibula along with hand and back injuries. Things were starting to look bleak for the Bears in their journey toward a third consecutive Big 12 Championship, until third string QB Chris Johnson stepped in.

Chris Johnson was the fifth ranked dual-threat QB in 2012. He enrolled at Baylor in January 2013 and redshirted his freshman year to maintain eligibility. Johnson didn't see one snap for a year until he was able to play in four of 13 games in the 2014 season. When Seth Russell won the starting QB position for the 2015 team, Johnson's chance to be named his backup was taken by true freshman Stidham. At third string QB, it didn't seem likely for 6'5 235 lb Johnson to play at captain, so he switched over to WR- a position he would maintain until Russell went down. After Russell's injury, Johnson was changed back to QB on the depth chart behind Stidham. Stidham was hurt quickly in the Stillwater after a late hit in the Oklahoma game deeply bruised his back. This time, it was his hand, back, and a broken fibula that left Stidham hobbling off the field. It was finally CJ's time.

Three years and two different positions later, Johnson got the playing time he deserved. He started with a beautiful pass to WR KD Cannon (ruled incomplete), which was the first of many incredible connections between Johnson and his receivers. He ended his first drive at QB with a 39 yard TD pass to WR Jay Lee at the beginning of the third quarter. The crowd went wild. Fans on both sides of the field were left wondering "Who is #13?" Jaws dropped when the third string QB threw another deep ball to Cannon for a 71 yard TD to end the third quarter. Johnson showed his physical speed and strength as well as he rushed past defenders and stole many first downs for the Bears.

Today, Stidham was officially ruled out for the remainder of the regular season and CJ will be the Bears' starting QB. With two games left (one in Fort Worth for the biggest rivalry in Texas) and two QBs out with season-ending injuries, the Baylor team is putting their trust in arguably one of our most talented QBs to date. No, he hasn't truly started in a game in his college career, but Johnson has the speed and strength to shut down any team in the country.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

CFP Week Four Rankings

The fourth installment of the CFP rankings is here and there have been some major changes. Unlike last week's rankings, in which the top four remained the same, both the #3 and #4 teams have dropped out of the top. With a miraculous loss to the Michigan State Spartans, Ohio State dropped from #3 to #8 and Notre Dame fell two spots from #4. The Oklahoma Sooners jumped a whole four spots after a nasty win against a banged up TCU team and Iowa secured their place in the top four while remaining undefeated. After Baylor beat Oklahoma State in Stillwater, the formerly undefeated Cowboys fell five spots while the Bears were propelled from #10 to #7.

The Bears will face off against bitter TCU rivals in Fort Worth on Friday and shouldn't worry about the rankings at this point. The team must win against both the Horned Frogs and the upcoming Longhorns while cheering for Oklahoma State to beat Oklahoma in Bedlam. If the Bears win out and the Sooners lose, Baylor will secure their third consecutive Big 12 Championship!

Monday, November 23, 2015

The New In Kate Spade Picks

Kate Spade has consistently created beautiful handbag collections throughout the years, but this Fall features some of my favorites. I've mentioned a few times on TIN that I need a new bag for Autumn/Winter and these three are my top picks. The beautiful navy Chaplin Drive Heloise is classic and stunning. I usually go for black bags during this time of year, but a navy one is a modern take on a classic shade. I love the simplistic gold bow on the front and the all leather detail around the purse. If it were a tad cheaper, I would be handing over my credit card in a heartbeat! This pink Cedar Street Mini Nora is a standard Noelle bag because of its cute shape and all season appropriate shade. I love the boxy shape of the purse and the chain link strap. This oxblood Cedar Street Maise is one of my favorite styles of all time. Oxblood is my go-to color during the Autumn/Winter time and this everyday bag adds class to any outfit.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Baylor vs. Oklahoma State Recap

The year 1939 holds many notable events such as the start of World War II, the presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the birth of legendary football coach Bill Snyder, and the last time that Baylor football beat Oklahoma State in Stillwater. The curse of Stillwater has resonated with the Bears for 76 years and finally, after nearly eight decades, the curse has been broken! The Baylor Bears played their best overall game of the season (and of the past two seasons in my opinion) and destroyed Oklahoma State's 10-0 record and any hope they had of a spot in the College Football Playoff. Many of the Bears' starters have been beat up within the past few weeks with starting QB Seth Russell, DTs Beau Blackshear and Byron Bonds, and S Orion Stewart and Terrell Burt all out with injuries, but the Bears overcame their adversities to earn a historic road win in Oklahoma.

Although he injured his back on a late hit during the Oklahoma game, QB Jarrett Stidham threw deep passes with beautiful accuracy. During the first play of the game, Stidham threw a 48 yard pass to WR Corey Coleman, which set the Bears up for a five yard TD by RB Shock Linwood. Less than three minutes later, WR KD Cannon caught a 59 yard TD pass from Stidham, creating a 14 point lead over the Cowboys. The usually-quick offense took a longer route running 13 plays for 83 yards before RB Devin Chafin could haul in a one yard TD in the beginning of the second quarter. The Baylor offense extended their lead to 10 points with a 34 yard field goal by Chris Callahan. Stidham completed 12 of 21 pass attempts for 258 yards and one TD in the first half before injuring his wrist, fibula, and back. He was limping toward the locker room during halftime and wouldn't return to the game at all in the second half.

The defense shone brightly throughout the entire game with six sacks while holding the Oklahoma State offense to only eight rushing yards. LB Grant Campbell recovered a fumble during the Cowboys' first possession and hauled it in for a TD that would be called back. This quick move by Campbell set the tone for the defense's aggressive performance in the game. Forcing seven consecutive punts and consistently putting pressure on Cowboys' QB Mason Rudolph, the Defensive line played their best game of the year. Rudolph was sacked for a loss of four yards during the beginning of the first quarter by LB Taylor Young, which began the series of pressure by the defensive linemen. DE Shawn Oakman sacked Rudolph for a loss of two yards and was followed by a rushed sack by LB Aiavion Edwards two plays later. Edwards ran straight up the middle as the Cowboys' offensive line broke apart and sacked Rudolph in a very Bryce Hager-like manner. DC Phil Bennett needs to start giving Edwards more big plays like this one. A huge play in the beginning of the second quarter was completed when NB Travon Blanchard sacked Rudolph for a loss of nine yards at the OSU49, which forced the Cowboys to punt the ball in the first of their seven consecutive punts. Rudolph was sacked by Edwards for a loss of six yards and then by DT Andrew Billings for a loss of 10 yards before being penalized for intentional grounding. Billings followed suit with a Rudolph sack for a loss of seven yards in the beginning of the third quarter. DE Jamal Palmer sacked Rudolph for a loss of six yards to hold the OK-State rushing offense to only eight yards in the game. The secondary was on target all night with CBs Ryan Reid and Xavien Howard and S Chance Waz breaking up deep passes and keeping tight coverage on the WRs.

The star of the night was none other than third string QB Chris Johnson who started in the second half after Stidham's injuries took over. He stepped in and immediately starting throwing deep passes- as any Baylor QB would- and completed five of 10 attempts for 138 yards and two TDs. Johnson has been listed at WR for the whole season but stepped up to the plate when Stidham couldn't. His large frame: 6'5 and 235 lbs, strong arm, and quick feet make him the perfect candidate to step in at QB. Thanks to Johnson in the second half, the Bears prevailed and showed that they can be dominant on both sides of the ball. Baylor Assistant Athletic Director for Athletic Performance Kaz Kazadi always says that we don't have any backups on the team and on that freezing night in Stillwater, Chris Johnson proved the accuracy of that point.

The Bears will play TCU on November 27th in Fort Worth at 6:30 pm.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

5 Things

1. Heaven in Waco

2. Excitement in line at the grand opening of In-N-Out

3. Buying food for a six hour bus ride to Oklahoma

4. Facetiming my favorite humans

5. An early morning start for College Gameday

Friday, November 20, 2015

An Ode to Joel Klatt

Oh Joel, in a world full of sports "analysts" and journalists, you are a breath of fresh air. The society of college football in America is overwhelmed with an SEC bias where two-loss teams are more likely to be national champions than undefeated ones. College football is filled with corruption. The Kirk Herbstreits are running free with their "professional opinions" on national tv without any fear of punishment. They are allowed to call out college athletes on primetime television for actions that they are not 100% sure of and face no consequences. The committee of members that decide who plays in the College Football Playoff punish those teams who utilize modern offenses and favor those who are coached under a classic style. The bias toward brand name teams is incredibly obvious across sports stations and in the CFP committee itself. It would be tacky for college coaches to voice their frustrations about the SEC nepotism, and fans have no voice in the matter. It's you, Joel Klatt, who gives us all a shred of hope among the chaos. When analysts and sports experts make foolish comments or actions, you are the one who fights back for us. You have given us, those who are passionate about the game, someone to admire and look up to. You are the true sports expert.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

College Gameday in Photos

My first College Gameday was both exciting and exhausting as the Bears were nationally broadcast before the Oklahoma game. Although I initially volunteered for Gameday to hopefully meet Kirk Herbstreit and tell him how wrong he is 24/7, I sadly wasn't able to share my feelings with the analyst. Herbstreit and Lee Corso showed up prepared with their insults and arguments against the Bears, which wasn't the best way to start my morning but we all powered through. The campus was beautiful at 6:30 am and the crowd was amazing, but the day was extremely long. I'll hopefully be able to play in more College Gamedays and these photos share exactly how my morning went!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

CFP Week Three Rankings

The third installment of the CFP Playoff rankings was released last night and the top five teams, unsurprisingly, stayed the same. Clemson and Ohio State remain undefeated while #2 Alabama and #4 Notre Dame both sit at 9-1. As another slap in the face to the Big 12, undefeated Oklahoma State, who has completely dominated every team so far hasn't been able to break into the top four. Similarly, after Oklahoma destroyed #6 Baylor's undefeated season, they haven't made it into the playoff discussion either. The CFP rankings finish off with Florida at #8, Michigan State at #9, and Baylor at #10. The biggest surprise of the week three rankings was to see Baylor remaining in the top 10. Knowing the committee's bias against the Big 12 and Baylor specifically, it was shocking to see that they kept the Bears in the top 10. CFP committee chair Jeff Long noted the Baylor loss to Oklahoma as a good thing that showed the committee just how good the Bears really are. Interesting note, but I still don't ever agree with anything that Jeff Long says. TCU was slapped in the face the most out of any team in the CFP rankings as they dropped three spots to #18 even though they won against Kansas. The Horned Frogs have suffered immensely throughout the season and it was a horrible decision of the committee to drop them just because of their injuries. The committee will release their next set of rankings on Tuesday after arguably the most important weekend of the year.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Baylor vs. Oklahoma Recap

This won't be my typical weekly recap. I won't discuss passing/rushing stats, penalties, turnovers, or the lot. It doesn't seem necessary to rehash all of the what-ifs or could-have-beens. The Bears struggled at home for the first time since 2012 against the Oklahoma Sooners. What started off as an amazing opportunity to host ESPN College Gameday turned into a heartbreaking loss on our own turf. I expected the Sooners to bring challenges to Waco, but never could have predicted the events that would unfold in McLane.

The Bears excelled in their first scoring drives by using RB Shock Linwood's strong rushing game and QB Jarrett Stidham's strong arm. We scored quickly as usual and were on track to an incredible game. It wasn't until freshman QB Jarrett Stidham was sacked and injured his back on a late hit by an Oklahoma defender that the momentum of the game did a 180. After Stidham's injury, OC Kendal Briles called strictly rushing plays that simply couldn't get the Bears a first down. Linwood was blocked off the middle by Oklahoma defenders and was stuck at two-three yards per play at most. The Sooner defense stopped our rushing game up the middle and unfortunately, K.Briles continued to call for Linwood to rush straight towards defenders. The offense was unable to get in rhythm after Stidham's back injury and was held to a total of 34 points. The hands down offensive highlight of the night was TE LaQuan McGowan's five yard TD, which lit up the entire stadium after many consecutive punts from our special teams.

The Baylor defense surprisingly shone brightly throughout the game. Of course, we gave up 44 points and 500+ yards, but without LB Grant Campbell, DE Jamal Palmer, and CB Ryan Reid, we wouldn't have tightly held the game. DC Phil Bennett called great plays that turned into some big stops on the OU offense. Unfortunately, our offense couldn't capitalize on the defense's efforts and we ended up punting instead of scoring throughout the game. Our starting defenders ended up injured throughout the game, which also hurt our chances of winning. S Orion Stewart went down in the third quarter and shortly after, S Terrell Burt fell to the ground in what was perceived to be a 'fake injury'. Burt's dropping to the ground was forced by teammate Ryan Reid after knowing that Burt was injured from the kickoff.

It's in no way Jarrett's fault that we lost the game. Oklahoma pulled out all the stops against our banged up defense and our injured QB forced K.Briles to call safe, conservative plays. Unfortunately, the false penalties on DE Shawn Oakman, RT Patrick Colbert, and others gave OU an edge to use against us. The most disheartening parts of the game were when the OU fans cheered as S Orion Stewart fell to the ground in injury and when ESPN 'analyst' Kirk Herbstreit called out S Terrell Burt on national television for faking an injury. I won't get into either of those occurrences because they're both over and done with. However, with an already struggling Baylor team playing their worst game of the season, it was frustrating to see bad things happen to good people. The worst part was watching the time slip away as four minutes were left and Stidham threw an interception to end the game. The minutes quickly went by and soon enough, we were defeated in our own home.

If you read my post two days ago about my relationship with football, you'll know how badly this loss hurt me. I'll admit that while sitting in the band section, I cried as Stidham's pass was picked off and I continued to sob in my soaking wet marching band uniform until we got back to our indoor facility after the game. Seeing our boys play their hearts out even though they were all bruised and battered was heartbreaking. Watching the game slip out of their hands was even worse. Singing "That Good Ol' Baylor Line" as they hung their heads in defeat at the end of the game was the final twist of the knife in my football heart. Unfortunately, we lost a tough game on our home turf. There's no easy way to get over that. However, we have an even harder game coming up in Stillwater on Saturday against a highly ranked Oklahoma State. We have to stand together and rise up from the ashes. We can't let the Kirk Herbstreits or the doubters in the world stop us from accomplishing our goal of another Big 12 Championship. Our boys will stay strong and they will play their best throughout the rest of the season. I believe in them and despite the crying, I know that everything will be okay.

Monday, November 16, 2015

The Old Navy Winter Wardrobe

I've been a huge fan of Old Navy's clothing for a while and with Waco temps hitting the 40s, I desperately need some warmer pieces in my wardrobe. I have a few long sleeved tops and warm jackets, but layers are essential when the weather gets intensely cold. This black plaid poncho is a great layering piece to toss over a sweater and under a thick jacket. I love the modern pattern and know that I'll use it over any colored top or knit. This royal blue sweater is a beautiful color and is unexpected for the holiday season. I would pair it with a padded vest, jeans, and booties for the upcoming winter temperatures. These plum pants have been on my wishlist for quite some time now as I love the color for the end of fall. I would pair the pants with this off-white turtleneck underneath a denim jacket. I don't have any gloves with me at school so I've chosen these affordable forest-green gloves to keep my fingers warm in the bone-chilling cold. This cherry colored sweater is the perfect holiday sweater to sport with a black skirt, tights, and gold jewelry!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Football and Me

I grew up in a family of football fans. My mom loved the San Francisco 49ers, my dad the Saint Louis Rams, and my sister the Indianapolis Colts and the Denver Broncos (she would follow any team that Peyton Manning plays for). Monday night football and the Super Bowl were always a hit in my household, but I never enjoyed watching the game. My family tried to find me an NFL team to follow but my interests lay elsewhere. It wasn't until I took my first trip to Baylor in 2012 and went to a football game that I knew I had been missing out. My first college football experience was at Floyd Casey Stadium during homecoming when the game was constantly delayed because of lightning and hail threats. Because Floyd Casey was an open outdoor stadium, all of the fans were forced to take shelter under the building and wait until the weather cleared up. This process took three to four hours and most, if not all, of the football fans cleared the premises. My dad and his friends who went to Baylor wanted to stay and watch the game even though we had no outerwear so we made ponchos out of extra garbage bags. Taking in the atmosphere during a monsoon was incredible. I loved the spirit of the true fans that stayed to finish the game, and I fell in love with football instantly. It took me a year or two after that historic Baylor trip to truly learn all that I could about the basics of the game. I realized that the NFL isn't for me, but college football is. CFB is explosive and exciting every week as one loss could wreck a team's bowl game/conference championship/CFP playoff chances. Unlike the NFL, it's similar to a life-or-death situation situation as college teams put everything on the line each week.

Baylor football has become my passion and an essential part of my everyday life. Although the season takes place in the fall, my research into the players, recruits, team statistics, and coaching plays is year-long. I love hearing the stories of the players who each come from different backgrounds to become Bears. There's QB Seth Russell who had to beg college coaches to look at him in high school; DE Shawn Oakman who turned his life around from a rough childhood and a mistake at Penn State to becoming a college football and internet sensation; LB Taylor Young who held zero offers from universities and went on to earn the Cotton Bowl defensive MVP title; WR Corey Coleman who fought his way out of the Highland Hills projects in Dallas with a single mother to become the star of the team; DE Jamal Palmer who, with the help of his grandmother, forgave the man who murdered his mother and has used his story to inspire and support pee wee football players; and the list goes on. These stories aren't rare on the Baylor football team. The players are success stories who have played in bowl games, won back-to-back Big 12 championships, and will one day win the College Football Championship. Of course, the Baylor coaches have the most influence on the team and they too have had their fair share of struggles. Head Coach Art Briles lost his mom, dad, and aunt in a head-on collision as they drove to Houston to watch him play college ball; Assistant Athletic Director for Athletic Performance Kaz Kazadi went from a refugee in war-torn Zaire to a player for the Saint Louis Rams; and Defensive Coordinator Phil Bennett's wife died when she was struck by lightning during an evening run. The players and coaches have used their trials to become extraordinary players/coaches and even better men.

My love of football didn't start when I was a child. I haven't sported an NFL jersey to school or watched my team play on the weekends. However, I've discovered a passion for one team that will never go away. The Baylor Bears have taught me so much about dedication and spirit for the game I adore. Although I've never played football, my adoration for the sport burns in my soul. It's not just a game to me. It wasn't just a game when we lost to Michigan State at the Cotton Bowl or when we lost to Oklahoma at home on Saturday night. Some fans argue that our coaches and players don't have the drive to get the job done. Some call for the head of Coach Bennett when our defense struggles. Some say that we'll never become CFP champions. Some simply turn their backs on the team when we fall. It's my love for the game and the Bears that forced my tears at the Cotton Bowl and at McLane through both losses as I watched the boys I care about so deeply walk off the field with their heads dropped. It's my love that makes me tightly clasp my hands together and hold my breath when I see one of my Bears go down with an injury. It's the same love that pushes me to study former games, play calling, player names/numbers/stats, penalty calls, and opposing team information, and record them all in my notebook. It's the love that would lead me to do anything I could for the team and it's that love that has inspired me to want to be the first female Baylor football coach. Some people say that my passion for the team and the sport is dramatic or too over the top, that I don't know anything about the game because I'm a girl, or that my dream of coaching is impossible because I've never played the sport on a team. These opinions only push me forward to accomplishing my goals as an underdog similar to the Bears. People said that Baylor would never be a great football team and they responded by winning bowl games and the Big 12 competition. I will follow in the footsteps of these unlikely heroes by coaching one day. Now let's get started.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

5 Things

1. The new fountain and Pat Neff at night

2. Always eating (part 3)

3. Trying to win a training session with my all time hero

4. Weird dorm room decor

5. "Studying"

Friday, November 13, 2015

Fall Floral and Denim

This has been a typical everyday outfit for me as the weather cools down. I found this gorgeous crop top from Zara, which carefully combines lace, peplum details, and moody floral. I paired the top with my favorite pair of LOFT jeans that fit me like a glove. Because of my petite height, I picked up the regular "cropped" jeans that hit perfectly at the ankle. I'm loving light wash denim for the fall because  it always seems laidback and casual. These sneakers from a Cole Haan and Nike collab have been one of my favorite finds of all time. I picked them up at a Nordstrom Rack and wasn't sure about them at first but have fallen in love with the 'bowling shoe' inspired leather and suede soles. 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Medicine by Daughter

Daughter is among the top three musicians/bands that I absolutely adore. Led by singer/guitarist/musical extraordinaire Elena Tonra, guitarist Igor Haefeli, and drummer Remi Aguilella, Daughter is unlike any band I've ever heard. Elena writes raw, dynamic songs that capture the beauty and brokenness of everyday life. Medicine is one of those songs that captures the pain of a damaged soul, whether physical or emotional. The lyrics are extraordinary and the instrumentals are just as top notch.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

J.Crew Fall Picks

I'm currently in the market for semi-warm, autumn-ish clothing as Waco has been quite cold recently. With an average of 50 degree temperatures, I'm freezing and new clothes sound really good right about now. This knit fringe top may seem useless for the colder weather but the fabric is perfect for layering. Paired with a leather skirt, tights, and a bright red coat, this top transforms into a fall essential. This pastel fair isle sweater is a holiday must-have with a fresh color palette. The pastels scream Spring but with a winter touch. I would style this with a classic pair of dark wash jeans and black biker boots. I've been searching for the perfect plaid shirt and have found it in the form of this navy boyfriend flannel. It would look great over a gray tee and light wash denim. I can imagine pairing this gorgeous blush lace cami with wine-wine colored pants and a leopard coat for a beautiful evening look!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

CFP Week Two Rankings

The second list of rankings for the College Football Playoff was released tonight and they are arguably more controversial than the previous set. Clemson is currently set at #1 and for good reason. The Tigers are undefeated in the ACC and should win out the rest of their schedule against Syracuse, Wake Forest, and South Carolina. As long as Clemson wins out, they should remain the first spot in the playoff. The Alabama Crimson Tide is ranked #2 as they hopped up two spots from #4 after defeating LSU at home. Despite their one-loss against a weak Ole Miss team, the committee has still kept them in the top four. Weighing in at #3 is Ohio State who continues to survive their games every weak and remain undefeated. The Buckeyes still have to face Illinois, #13 Michigan State, and #14 Michigan, which could still bring an upset to the reigning CFP Champions. Notre Dame is the most shocking of the top four, earning the last spot in the playoff contention. With a loss against #1 Clemson, the Fight Irish have the "best loss" of any top 25 team. The committee has shown that they value a strong loss over an undefeated team as proven by their ranking of Baylor at sixth. Even the Iowa Hawkeyes jumped over the Bears after their 35-27 win over Indiana.

Baylor doesn't need to listen to the opinions of the committee but rather maintain their focus on destroying Oklahoma at home on Saturday, Oklahoma State at Stillwater, TCU at Fort Worth, and then Texas at home. With an undefeated season, the Bears are a shoe-in for a spot in the top four.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Patterned Top and Shorts

I purchased this outfit in the beginning of the summertime when the Hawai‘i heat was blazing and the Kona winds were ever present. This top from Old Navy has remained a favorite of mine for everyday even as the weather is getting colder. I sported it tucked into my favorite pair of denim shorts for an easy outfit in Port Lavaca. The combination of a flowy blouse with boyfriend shorts screams "end of summer" and they'll transition well into the fall with a couple more layers of clothing!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

College Gameday in Waco

ESPN's College Gameday traveled to Waco last year for the Baylor vs. Kansas State game and will return to campus this weekend. The game that decided the one true Big 12 Champion took place as Baylor played its final game against the 'Snydercats'. This year, one week after a win against K-State, Gameday will be back on campus for the second year in a row. Gameday is a great way for Baylor to gain national attention and to hopefully demolish a strengthening Oklahoma team on primetime television. Tune in for interviews (even though Lee Corso will be on), Coach Briles appearances, punny student-made signs, and a beautiful view of McLane Stadium!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

5 Things

1. Facetiming Mikayla while Skyping Parker who's Facetiming Amanda

2. A beautiful lighthouse in South Texas

3. A future outfit post

4. Samson lookalike

5. Always eating as usual

Friday, November 6, 2015

Baylor vs. Kansas State Recap

A Thursday night game in Manhattan, Kansas was the stage for Baylor true freshman QB Jarrett Stidham to shine in his starting debut. After star QB Seth Russell broke a bone in his neck during the homecoming game against Iowa State, 19-year-old Stidham from Stephenville, Texas suddenly became the captain of the #2 football team in the country. Russell's record-setting seven games put more pressure on the freshman as critics and fans alike compared the two QBs' skill sets. Most analysts had no faith in Stidham, saying that a true freshman would crumble under the weight of a playoff-caliber team. They argued the idea that although Stidham played in every game of the season, six minutes of rubbish fourth quarter time proved nothing about his speed or ability to throw the ball. Coach Briles and the Bears disagreed and said that he doesn't look like, think like, or play like a freshman. He is different. Jarrett took the field in Manhattan (seemingly) without worry or comparison to Russell. And boy did he shine. He finished the game of 23-33 completed passes with 419 yards for four TDs and zero turnovers.

Stidham exploded quickly with a short pass to WR Corey Coleman who ran an easy 35 yards for a first down. At 1st and goal on the KSU 3 yard line, Stidham faked the handoff and ran the ball into the end zone for an easy TD. After a score from KSU, Stidham found WR KD Cannon for a 40 yard TD with three minutes left in the third quarter. Before K-State could score again, DE Jamal Palmer forced a fumble that was recovered by LB Grant Campbell. The defense stepped up again when CB Ryan Reid intercepted a pass for his third pick in three straight games. In the second quarter (arguably the most beautiful pass thrown this season), Stidham locked on to Coleman for an 81 yard TD, leading the Bears to a 21-7 score. At the KSU three yard line, Stidham hooked up with Coleman again for a TD in which he leaped over a defender to catch the pass. Coleman received two TDs and ran for 216 yards. When the Wildcats were only down by seven points with 51 seconds left, they went for a double pass that was intercepted by S Terrell Burt who saved the game.

Although the Bears didn't put 60 points on the scoreboard over the Snydercats, the team fought hard and pulled out a win in Manhattan. Stidham shocked his critics in his complete passes and connection to his receivers and the defense pulled out big stops that ultimately won the game for Baylor. The Bears will play Oklahoma at McLane Stadium on November 14 at 7 pm. College Gameday will also be in Waco for the game!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Baylor Beginnings | Vlog

Over the past three months, I've compiled a bit of vlog footage and have finally edited all the clips together. This is one of my more exciting vlogs because although it's just videos of college kids in band, it's an accurate depiction of the friends I've made and the experiences I've had whilst in Texas. I hope you enjoy it!
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