Sunday, January 31, 2016

Up and Coming: DeQuinton Osborne

Photo courtesy of 24/7 Sports
Now that we're in the football off-season, I've been brainstorming ideas of how to incorporate my favorite sports posts in my blog. I know that the recruiting period is over and that National Signing Day is only a couple of days away, so this is the perfect opportunity to introduce Baylor football's newest commit for the 2016 class! DeQuinton Osborne (6-0, 310) is a DT transfer from Kilgore College and will have two years of eligibility left. Osborne originally signed to play for Missouri after high school before transferring to Kilgore College. The NJCAA First-Team All-American racked up a total of 127 tackles, 30 tackles for loss, 15 sacks, two interceptions, and one forced fumble in his time at Kilgore. Osborne will join fellow JC transfer Jeremy Faulk in replacing star DTs Beau Blackshear and Andrew Billings in the 2016 season.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

5 Things

1. Gorgeous blue sunny skies

2. I usually miss dim sum more than I miss most people

3. These pups

4. Always watching basketball (and football, but that's to be expected)

5. FaceTiming Mik is a weekly essential

Friday, January 29, 2016

The New Thinking Man's Guide to Pro Football

While doing my research into everything football, I discovered a few interesting books and blogs which thoroughly explained the details of the game. One of the books that I really wanted to purchase  is The New Thinking Man's Guide to Pro Football written by pro-football expert Paul Zimmerman in 1987. This book is by no means modern or up to date, but is filled with beautiful tidbits and historical anecdotes about football from the past. Zimmerman describes the greats in detail: Vince Lombardi's Packers rise to fame in the 60s; the Giants-Colts NFL Championship game in 1958; the Washington Redskins's Sucker Boot. By recalling history and reflecting on how the greatest game in the world became an American classic, Zimmerman connects the past to the future. I know that this book was written in the 80s and that football has changed immensely since Zimmerman put pen to paper, but by visually devouring each minor detail and description, I feel like I'm one step closer to achieving my own football dreams.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

The J.Crew Rain Jacket

J.Crew jacket (similar here)

I'm throwing it back to the summertime with this fashion post as I wanted to share my love for this yellow rain jacket I purchased from J.Crew a while back. While my family and I were on the East Coast for my sister's graduation, we shopped in Maine and I found this adorable "Paddington Bear"-esque yellow rain jacket, which I instantly fell in love with. The fabric is lightweight and it has a zipper and large plastic buttons to secure it shut. I loved wearing it because it has the most insane pockets, which held all of my necessities! This is the perfect jacket to add color to an otherwise dull, rainy day.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Lanikai Pillboxes

On one of my last days back home for break, my friends and I hiked up the Lanikai Pillboxes trail in the early afternoon. Brandon was the only one who had done the hike before but we were all excited as the trail is popular and the view of Kailua is phenomenal. The hike itself isn't really difficult or strenuous, even for the beginner. I'm not an avid hiker at all and I found it to be a 2 on a scale of 1-5. The beginning of the hike is the most difficult part especially if you go after it had rained because it's mostly dirt with only a few branches to grab onto. The bottom half is quite steep, but it gets easier after the first 5-10 minutes. The rest of the hike is a clear path and it's easy to follow. We got to the top in about 35 minutes after stopping to take pictures and vlog (of course) and the view was definitely worth it!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

ByChari Jewelry

ByChari is a jewelry brand that I recently discovered and instantly fell in love with because of its simple and dainty designs. The jewels are designed and handcrafted by Chari Cuthbert who draws inspiration from her upbringing in Jamaica to her current home in Hawai‘i. All of her pieces are easily stackable and can be mixed and matched because of their delicate aesthetic. Some of my favorite pieces are the Mei Necklace, which features five round discs on a chain, the gray and gold Reef Shark Bracelet, the impeccably chic Mini Shark Tooth Necklace, the colorful and fun Mykonos Bracelet, the dainty Aloha Necklace, the twisted Tide Ring, the statement diamond Bar Climber, the absolutely beautiful Lili Diamond Ring, and the O‘ahu Necklace, which is reminiscent of home. All of Chari's jewels are beautiful and I can't wait to get my hands on some!

Monday, January 25, 2016

My Favourite Faded Fantasy - Damien Rice

Occasionally there are moments that even the best football game or episode of Parks and Recreation can't improve. In those circumstances, sometimes only a song or a beautiful album can truly affect one's state of mind. One album in particular has been making waves in my world: My Favourite Fantasy by Damien Rice. Damien's soft, raspy vocals shine against his sole guitar. His lyrics are heartbreaking and are truly some of the most beautiful words I've ever heard. My favorite songs on the album are "The Greatest Bastard" and "I Don't Want to Change You". When I'm writing, blogging, or soaking in the stress of everyday life, I will have this album in the background.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Preview of Superbowl 50

Photo courtesy of Bleacher Report
Both AFC and NFC playoff games were played today and the stage for the 2016 Superbowl has been set. The Broncos took down the Patriots in what could have been the last meeting between Peyton and Tom and Cam and co. followed by demolishing the Cardinals. The Broncos' defense was outstanding with LB Von Miller (2.5 sacks, five tackles, two tackles for loss, four QB hits, one INT) and CB Aqib Talib (tipped the football on the Pat's two-point conversion attempt) shining under the bright lights of Mile High Stadium. QB Peyton Manning completed 17 of 32 attempted passes for 176 yards and two TDs after a season filled with injuries. Cam Newton led the Panthers to one of the largest wins in playoff history with a final score of 49-15. The blowout game followed countless Panther TDs and (Arizona QB) Carson Palmer INTs. In two weeks, two of the strongest teams will meet for the 50th Superbowl with a possible win for either the legend or the unlikely hero.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

5 Things

1. Saying goodbye to my favorite lab puppy

2. A perfect group shot during a hike

3. Me and Kai‘olu

4. Mini Scout

5. The last Hawaiian meal until summer

Friday, January 22, 2016

Reminders of Home

I recently wrote about my love for the football necklace that my mom gave me for Christmas and wanted to share the bracelet she gave me as well. Going to school on the mainland has been a fun yet difficult transition to make and it's made me more homesick than ever. I've been traveling away from my family since I went to New Zealand in 2006, but I never expected to really miss Hawai‘i as I made my journey to Texas. However, going to a new place with different cultures and people has made me long for my own and my mom knew that. Because of my homesickness, she bought this bracelet for me from Georgie Designs- the same brand that made my football necklace. This bracelet brings me comfort knowing that my home with all of the people and cultures that I love will always be there no matter what.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Kate Spade at the Beach

I've been sporting these glittery pinks sunnies on the blog for a few weeks now but I haven't yet properly introduced them to the internet world. My sister bought me these gorgeous Kate Spade sunglasses (similar here) for Christmas and I am obsessed with them! I found them on sale at Nordstrom and promptly handed them to Megan as she was searching for my Christmas gift. I'm glad I found them (and thankful that she bought them for me) because I feel like they represent my personality so well. They're baby pink, glittery, and cover nearly 75% of my face at all times, which is perfect! I love wearing them with an all black outfit to add some jazz to an otherwise boring outfit and they're my current beach essential (even though I won't touch sand or the ocean for three more months)!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Spring Return of Baylor Football

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Baylor's football team, so my weekends are understandably less exciting now that the season is over. The NFL playoff games are still being played and the Super Bowl will be on soon, but there's something special about college football that is more breathtaking to me than the professional sport. I'm still going to cheer on the Broncos and hope that they destroy the Pats, but I'm eagerly anticipating the return of my favorite sports team. Luckily for me, I don't have to wait much longer! The football team recently announced that Baylor football's spring scrimmage will be played on March 18 at McLane Stadium. Clear your schedules and make your way to Waco; my football journal and I will be cheering in the front row and I hope you all will be too!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Ho‘omaluhia and the North Shore

On this cloudy day of winter break, my best friends and I adventured from Kāne‘ohe to Sunset Beach (yes, we did buy pie again). We spent a couple of hours having a picnic at Ho‘omaluhia Botanical Garden and hung out in Temple Valley. After swimming at a pool for a while, we drove to Kualoa Beach Park and walked all the way down the beach until we reached Secret Island. The pier on the island faces the exact area where Chris Pratt "lived" in Jurassic World, so it was really cool to see that! We ended the night with pie from Ted's bakery and watched the sunset at Sunset Beach.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Navy Eyelet

J.Crew dress (similar here), Kate Spade bagDaniel Wellington watch

Sometimes there are pieces of clothing that almost literally jump off the rack when you see them and this dress was that article for me. I found it at a J.Crew in Maine and as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it. This isn't a great photo, but I think you can still see how beautiful the shape and shade of the dress are. It's a dark navy blue eyelet dress with a full skirt and thin straps. I accessorized the garment with my favorite black handbag, watch, and gold jewels. I adore this dress and can't wait to wear it again!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Winter Break | Vlog

While I was home for Christmas break, I tried to film as much of my daily activities as possible. I spent almost everyday with my best friends and family and although I don't have as much footage as I would like, I think this vlog sums up the content of my vacation. It was so nice to be home for the break and I'm glad I have this video of memories!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

5 Things

1. Mik and me

2. Celebratory shave ice after the Russell Athletic bowl

3. Missing Scout

4. Brunch with Megan

5. Goofing around with Brandon

Friday, January 15, 2016

The Current Swimsuit Wishlist

Now that my days of beach hopping are numerous, I'm in the market for some new kinis and one pieces. I've been shopping for pieces on The Girl and the Water, which stocks suits from brands such as Acacia and Posh Pua to Tory Praver and O'Neill. I recently purchased a crochet black one piece from Posh Pua via the site and can't wait to receive it in the mail (because I obviously need more kinis while I'm in Waco)! These are some of the suits I want to purchase to wear in the summertime and beyond.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Crouching Lion

One day during winter break, Kale, Mikayla, and I drove to Kahana and hiked up Crouching Lion. The trail up to the top of the mountain isn't a clear path, which makes the hike a bit tricky. The ground was quite muddy as it had rained the day before we went so I recommend going when the sun is shining and the dirt beneath your feet is dry. The hike itself is fairly short because you gain elevation really quickly so we got to the top within 30 minutes or so. There are a lot of branches and trees to grab onto throughout the trail, but as you get closer to the top, there isn't anything to brace yourself with. When you're almost to the top, I recommend going around the side of the mountain to get to the actual top of the rock. The view of Kahana Bay and the houses below is gorgeous and makes the difficult parts of the hike worth it!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

For Andrew

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
As an avid football fan, there are a few games and moments that truly stand out as remarkable. Plays like the University of California's 5 lateral kickoff return against Stanford, Texas' unthinkable comeback against USC to win the BCS Title, and Charles Woodson's leaping interception at Michigan come to mind when I think of miraculous football moments. One of my favorite football bits that I've witnessed was when Baylor's DT Andrew Billings chased down a Kansas RB and ripped him off of the field. These unbelievable moments in football can bring light to dark situations and can be like spiritual experiences to some fans. The game might seem like just that- a game- but players like Andrew force spectators to look at football as more than just oversized men chasing down a pigskin.

Andrew recently announced his intent to forgo his final year at Baylor and enter the 2016 NFL Draft. While the news was heartbreaking to receive as a passionate fan of the Bears, it's hard to not be thankful to Andrew for everything he's done to help the team succeed on a national level. At 6'2", 310 lbs, Billings uses his medium stature to his advantage. As an avid weightlifter off the field, Billings is a dominant force who forces his way in tackling both linemen and the QB at the same time. He recorded 39 tackles with 14 for loss and 5.5 sacks this season even through nagging injuries. It's been an honor watching Andrew destroy offensive linemen and QBs for the past two years and I wish him nothing but the best in the NFL!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The College Football National Championship

David J. Phillip / Associated Press
The college football championship aired last night and even though I'm strictly a Baylor fan, it would ruin my football credibility if I didn't at least mention the game. The #1 Clemson Tigers fought for respect and a perfect 15-0 season as #2 Alabama Crimson Tide looked to earn a fourth championship title under Coach Nick Saban. After Clemson controlled the Orange bowl in their favor under the leadership of QB DeShaun Watson and a strong defense, they were poised to fight to the death for a national championship title. Alabama completely demolished Connor Cook and co. at the Cotton Bowl as both of Michigan State's lines fell apart and Cook was unable to make any big plays. Two powerful teams took the field in Arizona for different reasons, but only the Crimson Tide was able to make it out alive.

Clemson won the coin toss and elected to defer, giving the ball to the Tide at kickoff. Heisman trophy winner and Alabama RB Derrick Henry couldn't make it past his linemen and the Tide were forced to punt without score. Clemson followed suit and was unable to convert on third down before punting with nine minutes left in the quarter. Henry had a huge 50 yard run for a TD to put the first points on the board. Two minutes later, DeShaun Watson threw a perfect spiral into the end zone for a 31 yard TD pass to WR Hunter Renfrow. Even with Henry on their side, the Tide was held to a field goal attempt that they couldn't convert and Clemson answered with another quick TD pass from Watson to Renfrow. The score at the end of the first quarter was 14-7 Clemson with Watson completing 7 of 11 attempts for 108 yards and two TDs. Alabama QB Jake Coker had trouble in the beginning of the second as he was unable to convert on third down and was sacked before attempting to score. Watson throws an interception- his first of the game- to Crimson Tide S Eddie Jackson leading to a one yard TD run by Henry. The Tide ties up the game 14-14 and both teams are unable to convert on third down twice, ending the first half with a tied score.

The Tide comes out guns blazing with a 53 yard TD pass from Coker to TE O.J. Howard and an extra point. Shortly after, Clemson's offense is held to a 37 yard FG before the Tide punts the ball away on fourth down. The Tigers add another 7 points to the board after RB Wayne Gallman has a one yard TD following a 60 yard drive. Both teams are forced to punt consecutively with Clemson up by three at the end of the third. The Tide and the Tigers are again unable to convert on third down at the start of the fourth quarter and punt the ball away until Alabama K Adam Griffith completes a 33 yard field goal to tie the game. Griffith kicks a foolproof onside kick, which the Tide recovers, leading to a 51 yard TD pass from Coker to Howard. Clemson completes a 31 yard FG but Alabama WR Kenyan Drake returns a kick for a 95 yard TD. DeShaun Watson isn't done yet, as he perfectly hits WR Artavis Scott for a 15 yard TD keeping the score within 5. Coker hits Howard again for another deep pass and Heisman winner Henry dives into the end zone for a one yard TD. With only 12 seconds left, Watson hits TE Jordan Leggett with a 24 yard TD to keep the score at 45-40 Alabama. The Tide recovers the onside kick with only a few seconds left and takes a knee to end the game. 

With a five point win, the Alabama Crimson Tide earned their 16th national championship and fourth under Coach Nick Saban. 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Pink Cami and Floral Shorts

Nordstrom cami (similar here), Shorts from a local boutique (similar here), J.Crew flatsDaniel Wellington watchKate Spade sunglasses

On one of my last days at home, my friends and I drove all around the island from Kāne‘ohe to Sunset Beach on the North shore. We had a picnic at Ho‘omaluhia Botanical Garden, swam at a pool in Temple Valley, and trekked all the way to the North shore for Ted's pie and a sunset on the beach. I decided to sport a mauve cami with my favorite white bikini top and white and blue floral shorts. Even though it was muddy at the garden, I wore my favorite white slides from J.Crew and finished the outfit with my new Kate Spade sunglasses, which I adore. It was a perfect outfit for an easygoing day filled with the best people I could ask for!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

North Shore Adventures

My best friends and I got together to spend the day on the North Shore. These are some of the people whom I've been friends with for my entire high school career (and longer) and we always have fun together. We drove countless hours to get to the other side of the island and made our first stop at Giovanni's Shrimp Truck. Mikayla and I waited over an hour for an overpriced plate of shrimp but it was so worth it by the time we got to Ali‘i Beach. Unfortunately, we didn't check the surf report before we got there and weren't allowed to swim in the high swell conditions. Instead of getting in the truck and turning back around, we hung out on the beach until dinner time and ate Ted's pie before we headed home. The best people + Ted's made for an excellent day!
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