Thursday, January 21, 2016

Kate Spade at the Beach

I've been sporting these glittery pinks sunnies on the blog for a few weeks now but I haven't yet properly introduced them to the internet world. My sister bought me these gorgeous Kate Spade sunglasses (similar here) for Christmas and I am obsessed with them! I found them on sale at Nordstrom and promptly handed them to Megan as she was searching for my Christmas gift. I'm glad I found them (and thankful that she bought them for me) because I feel like they represent my personality so well. They're baby pink, glittery, and cover nearly 75% of my face at all times, which is perfect! I love wearing them with an all black outfit to add some jazz to an otherwise boring outfit and they're my current beach essential (even though I won't touch sand or the ocean for three more months)!


  1. Haha your hair is super curly in this photo and I love it!!! Also nice towels I give them about a 12/10.

    1. You already know what I think my hair looks like so there's that! Thanks anyway!!!


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