Monday, May 30, 2016

A Full Summer Day

On what seems to be the first full day of my summer, I was reunited with my two favorite people- Kaiʻolu and Brandon. Although we're three different people personality wise, we always have a great time together. Today we ventured out toward Kahala and Hawaii Kai with a few stops in between. Brandon and I picked up some fresh fruit from Whole Foods (we ate most of the free samples and flipped at every price tag we saw) before carpooling with Kaiʻolu to Hawaii Kai. The agenda for the day was a trip to the driving range and heading to any beach we wanted. Before going "golfing", we bought Teddy's to go and almost died of laughter at the driving range. When Makapuʻu was too rainy for swimming, we headed to Kahala Beach and finished the day eating our fruits at Diamond Head. Here's to many more days like this with the best people and without Whole Food's disgusting soda!


  1. Haha, Brandon looks like he's cold in the second picture! Also, what is the potato saying on that bag in the first picture?

    1. The potato is saying "Is that you bro?" It's actually much more morbid (sorry for the alliteration) than I thought!


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