Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Classic Denim Jacket

Jackets and jeans are my style weaknesses, so a classic denim jacket is a must-have for my wardrobe. I've owned a couple of these pieces over the years but none have fit me perfectly. While browsing the Levi's website, I fell in love with their Authentic Trucker Jacket because it comes in nine different shades. The two I am most interested in are Traveling Road (left) and Light Bliss Embroidered (right). These jackets are the perfect mid rinse and can be paired with both dark and light denim for a modern look. I love how they hit at the waist and don't swallow the model whole. I'm hoping to pick one of them up for the upcoming fall season!

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  1. These are really cute! Also, I'm a bit salty towards jean jackets because when I was younger, my mom bought my siblings and me identical jean jackets in our respective sizes and I was always frustrated because I could never find mine and I would end up wearing the L one instead of the S one :(


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