Friday, September 30, 2016

The Injustice Boycott

An epidemic of injustice is spreading throughout the nation (throughout the world, actually) and the Injustice Boycott is a new effort created to stop police brutality, racial violence and social injustice. The idea was spearheaded by Senior Justice Writer Shaun King of the New York Daily News and the nationwide boycott will launch on December 5, 2016- a nod to the start of the Montgomery Bus Boycott 61 years ago. By joining the boycott, we are refusing to stand by and watch as innocent people are murdered, assaulted and treated without human dignity and respect. While it's important to document brutal events via photos and videos, we are raising awareness by completely standing against cities, states, schools and businesses that perpetuate social violence or are indifferent toward the racism and brutality sweeping over the country. Shaun has penned a more in-depth guide on how we will boycott said places and institutions for the New York Daily News. To be clear, this is not a petition to show support; this is an organization for change- real, tangible change that will span over the next few years or as long as it takes for the violence to end. We will not stand by and watch our brothers and sisters die or be assaulted on our watch. Join us on the Injustice Boycott's website and stand up for the powerless, the voiceless and those who are fighting for equality for all.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Greatness of Lamar Jackson

The 2016 frontrunner for the Heisman trophy is sophomore Louisville QB Lamar Jackson. Jackson's name seemingly popped out of nowhere at the beginning of the season when he completed 17 passes of 23 attempts for 286 yards and six touchdowns against Charlotte. Four games later and Jackson has already recorded 1,330 yards and 13 passing touchdowns (+12 more rushing TDs). The combination of his speed and agility makes the dual-threat QB that much more talented on the field. What makes the sophomore one of the most explosive players in the nation? He's never satisfied. After scoring five passing and two rushing touchdowns in a remarkable performance against Marshall, Jackson gave himself an "F" grade. His completion vs. attempt percentage frustrated him, but he's continuing to get even better. Jackson never settles for ordinary achievements and always looks to improve by studying his weaknesses. Louisville head coach Bobby Petrino has stated that Jackson can always be found practicing on the field even when no one else is around. Even if he doesn't win the Heisman trophy this year (which would be insanely wrong), one thing is for sure- Lamar Jackson will soon become a household name.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Fall Handbag Wishlist

I've recently been feeling guilty about wanting to purchase new clothes or accessories. As I've discovered my passion for social justice and humanitarian crises, wardrobe additions seem exceptionally trivial. There are people living in extreme poverty and war-torn countries and citizens are being killed everyday, but here I am browsing my online cart full of pretty blouses and strappy shoes. Don't I sound horrible? However, I'm learning that me buying a bag won't help those people just as much as not buying a bag will. Does that make sense? So for today, I'm going to share the handbags on my wishlist...and that doesn't make me a bad person. Tomorrow, I will go back to my daily browsing of Shaun King articles and I will continue to become a better advocate of equality and justice while looking stylish at the same time.

I love every piece that rag&bone brings out and the 'Pilot' Lambskin Leather Satchel is a classic shoulder bag for any season. I love how it combines suede and leather while its shoulder strap hits at the waist. I would pair this purse with a monochrome outfit: black tank, ripped jeans and leather boots for an edgy fall look. The Kate Spade Arbour Hill Lilah snuck up on me when I spotted it in the brand's seasonal surprise sale. I used to dislike navy pieces, but I've found that it's one of the most versatile and neutral shades to have in a wardrobe. This one might become a new addition to my closet if I'm feeling up to it! The Saint Laurent 'Baby Sac de Jour' Bonded Leather Tote is my dream bag and it now comes in pink- so dreamy! I would style this purse with a denim dress and a motorcycle jacket. Another favorite suede find is the Tory Burch 'Small Marion' Suede Shoulder Bag (again in navy). Flap bags are functional on a daily basis and this rich shade is the perfect color for fall.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Les Miles out at LSU

Head football coach Les Miles has officially been relieved of his duties after four games in LSU's 2016 season. The school's second-winningest coach was fired after a 2-2 start despite his 114-34 record over 11 years. The news was released the day after the Tigers lost to Auburn on the road. Miles created a legacy at LSU from his first year as head coach, leading the team to an 11-2 season in 2005. Two years later, he led the team to SEC and BCS championships. In 2011, Miles and co. rediscovered their groove by winning the SEC title and going undefeated in the regular season as Miles himself was named the AP National Coach of the Year. Miles is also known for his philanthropic work during hurricanes Katrina and Rita. While the state of Louisiana was ambushed by natural disasters, Miles had to find a way to help his state through the game he loved. LSU football became a sort of medicine for those affected by the storms- giving residents a distraction from all of the destruction. Last season, Miles was almost pushed out after a three-game losing streak, but was saved after LSU beat Texas A&M in the last game of the season. While it's unknown what Miles' next move will be, I'm positive he won't stay unemployed for long.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Essie 'Ladylike'

It's been a while since I've properly painted my nails, but I recently found this nail polish and fell head over heels for it. The polish in question is Essie 'Ladylike', which is a muted minky taupe. When I first spotted it, I thought it would be a nice neutral for fall but I didn't expect to love it as much as I do. The varnish is interesting because it's difficult to tell whether it's purple or gray. It looks gorgeous against a tan and paired with gold accessories. I'll be sporting this polish with navy, gray and baby pink colors for autumn!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Baylor vs. Oklahoma State Recap

The Baylor Bears defeated the Oklahoma State Cowboys in their 2016 conference opener on Saturday night. Despite a 90 minute lightning delay at the beginning of the first quarter, the Bears powered through a strong and capable team led by QB Mason Rudolph in order to add another win to their checklist. Both sides of the ball showed promise as QB Seth Russell threw a career-high 89-yard TD pass and the defense held OkSt to 492 yards on 101 offensive plays.

Baylor has seen no better defense than its current team (in my opinion) and the players are just going to keep getting better. The dynamic duo of NBs Travon Blanchard and Patrick Levels is astonishing to watch. Blanchard has always been talented at the skill position, but his stats have proved that he is again one of the best NBs in the league. Levels has never been a star player to watch but has recently exploded on the scene, forcing fumbles, making huge tackles and developing the attitude of our new defense. On Saturday, Blanchard recorded 11 tackles; 4.5 tackles for a loss of 8 yards; one forced fumble; a pass breakup and one QB hurry. Levels totaled 8 tackles; 3 tackles for a loss of 8 yards; a fumble recovery and one sack. The defense has hands down saved the team over the past four games, stealing interceptions and sacking QBs left and right. S Orion Stewart had himself a game, recording 11 tackles; a pass breakup and a game-sealing interception at the end of the fourth quarter. Stewart has had three interceptions over the past four games, one of which he returned for a touchdown while the other two saved the games. The first half of the game saw two fumble recoveries by Levels and CB Verkedric Vaughns, which both turned the momentum in Baylor's favor. One of the best efforts I've seen from the Baylor defense was in the beginning of the fourth quarter where OkSt's rushing offense pushed through to the BU 4 yard line. The Pokes decided to go for it on fourth and three, but their RB was tackled by Blanchard and DE K.J. Smith before he could get past the three. Where most fans gave up on the defense on the previous drive, it was incredible to see the pass rushers stop the opposing offense on a goal line stuff. The next drive had another fumble recovery by Blanchard before Stewart's game-winning interception. Although they gave up 492 yards, the defense was on the field for over 40 minutes and had a remarkable performance against a Big 12 title contender.

The offense showed extremely bright spots throughout the game even though it wasn't their best performance. QB Seth Russell completed 18 passes of 28 attempts for 387 yards with four touchdowns and one interception. The Bears started off fast with a 23-yard rushing touchdown for RB Terence Williams. WR Ishmael Zamora caught the next 38-yard touchdown pass to give the Bears a 14-7 lead at the beginning of the second quarter. Another 38-yard touchdown to Zamora gave Baylor some breathing room after the Pokes tied up the game. The first drive of the third quarter saw Russell hit WR Chris Platt for an 89-yard touchdown, the longest of Russell's career. A second touchdown pass to Platt in the fourth quarter sealed the deal as Stewart's interception and a last second sack by DE Xavier Jones gave the Bears the ball game.

Final notes:

All praises to our defense
Orion Stewart is the newest unsung hero
Great first collegiate performance P/K Connor Martin!
Welcome back Ish

Saturday, September 24, 2016

5 Things

1. The most beautiful set up

2. Work isn't so bad

3. Reminiscing on the best time of my life

4. Technically an adult, still a child

5. True fans during a lightning delay

Friday, September 23, 2016

Double Fishtail Topsy Tail Ponytail

I know, I know...could this post have a more repetitive title? I've recently been on the hunt for different types of hairstyles to add to my repertoire as I've exhausted my classic half-up tita bun. I stumbled upon the blog Missy Sue, which is chock full of hair ideas. Missy wrote a post about the hairstyle I recreated today and it's such an easy look to achieve! P.S. isn't my uncle Bernie shirt amazing?

  • Section your hair off into two chunks depending on your hair part.
  • Grab a two-inch section of hair near the top of the left side of the head and split that into two pieces.
  • Start dutch fishtail braiding that section. In order to create a dutch fishtail, create two parts of hair, grab a small piece of hair from the right side and pull it under the left side. Grab a small piece of hair from the left side and pull it under the right side. Continue the dutch fishtail until you get to your left ear and finish off the fishtail to the end of the hair. 
  • Repeat these steps on the right side of the head until you have two dutch fishtail braids.
  • Wrap the left side of the braid around the head and make a hole in the middle of the fishtail. Pull the right fishtail through the left and secure with bobby pins.
  • Grab one-inch pieces of hair from the under the left and right ears, twist upwards toward the fishtail braids and tie them with a rubber band. 
  • Pull the rubber band out a little and flip the ends of the hair through the hole.
  • Repeat these steps of creating twisted sections of hair and rubber banding them until the bottom of the ponytail.
  • Pull out any loose bits of hair or bangs to create an effortless look.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Importance of Beauty Minis

I love buying fresh beauty products, especially ones that are my tried-and-true holy grail items. But sometimes I wonder if there's a better way to shop where I don't have to spend money on products that I might dislike. That's where sample minis come in. Whenever I used to go to Sephora or Nordstrom and a sales associate would include a sample of perfume or moisturizer in my bag, I would throw the product away. However, I've realized the importance of these tiny products and how they have the chance to transform one's beauty cabinet! Samples give us the opportunity to test out products without having to fork out handfuls of cash over bottles and jars we might end up hating. We are also able to learn more about unfamiliar beauty items that could be holy grail worthy! I recently tried the Origins Original Skin Serum and my skin loved it! If I didn't test it out on my skin, I would have disregarded the product and lost out on a future favorite. Minis are also great for traveling or just in case of emergency. I ran out of my favorite moisturizer the other day and panicked until I found the Origins Ginzing Moisturizer deluxe sample in my bathroom drawer. Now that I have a backup plan, I won't worry about rationing my moisturizer until a new one comes in. Next time you're given a miniature version of a beauty item, try it out. It could be the miracle your skin or makeup counter is looking for!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Football Focus | The Special Teams

One of the most important yet most forgotten parts of the football team is the special teams. Special teams is comprised of multiple players with different responsibilities. There are place-kickers, field goal kickers, punters, holders, long snappers, punt returners, kick returners, along with units of players who kickoffs, punts, punt returns, field goal and PATs, and those who block field goal and PATs. Kind of a lot to remember, huh? Let's start off with the specialists aka the place-kickers, field goal kickers and punters. Some football teams require their kickers to perform each position accurately, while others focus on one man for each responsibility. Place-kickers are responsible for PATs, field goal attempts and kickoffs. At kickoff, the kicker boots the ball in the air while he and 10 other players run toward the kick returner and his teammates. The kicker and his teammates are subject to stop the returner from gaining yardage. An optimal kickoff stays in the air for at least four seconds, which allows the kickoff team to get as close to the returner as possible and stop him from running with the ball.

Field goals are another way to gain points when a team is unable to score a touchdown. Most kickers are successful at completing a field goal attempt within 30 yards of the end zone. A field goal is worth three points and are most exciting when a team is trying to convert at the last second of a game. When attempting a field goal, a long snapper with snap the ball to the holder who will angle the ball in a proper position for the kicker to be as successful as possible. Here's Baylor P/K Chris Callahan's winning field goal kick against TCU in 2014:

Extra point attempts or "PATs" are attempted after a team has scored a touchdown. The kicker's job is to kick the ball between the upright goal posts after it is placed at around the 2 or 3 yard line. Punts are a similar ball game (pun intended!) to kickoffs as the punter punts the ball away to the opposing team. Punts occur when a team's offense can't score a touchdown and is too far away from the end zone for a field goal. When they are unable to convert on third down and they're on their own side of the field, a coach will usually decide to punt the ball away. When a punter is getting ready to boot the ball away, he must prepare himself to use extreme force and strength to get it as far to the other side of the field as possible. The punt returner will then catch the ball and try to gain yards with it.

The rest of the special teams is made up of blockers who try to block field goals and PATs. They spy on the kicker and attempt to knock the ball down once it's in the air and obtain it for their own gain. Blockers also pursue returners and stop them from running through the field. Similar to how a defense stops the offense from scoring, special teams blockers keep the opposing players from scoring extra points and gaining yards.

Adam Vinatieri is a tried-and-true placekicker veteran in the NFL. Vinatieri played for South Dakota State University before the New England Patriots (gross) drafted him in 1999. He's played for both the Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts, where he currently resides in his 21st season of professional football. He remains one of the best kickers in the league even though he's 43 years old. In 21 years of the NFL, Vinatieri has made 507 of 602 field goal attempts.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

My Qualm with High Fashion

Growing up, I always imagined what it would be like to see my own designs on the runway at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. In present day, NYFW is no longer at Bryant Park and my heart doesn't belong with stick thin models and A-list celebrities. The fashion I used to love was about classic beauty and feminine minimalism. Coco Chanel was a true designer who understood what women wanted to wear. Nowadays, designers like Jeremy Scott and Marc Jacobs run the week with obnoxious designs that no regular woman would wear (alliteration not intended). Fashion is no longer about enhancing a woman's natural beauty, but rather clouded by obnoxious patterns, outlandish makeup and unflattering shapes. Models aren't chosen because of their kind spirits or diverse shapes; they're hand selected based on their last name (i.e.: Kendall, Gigi, Bella) or how many Instagram followers they have. Every woman walking down the runway has the same look and any other shape is completely ignored. While having an Ashley Graham is important, I'm looking for models of all shapes, sizes and skin tones. The fashion world has ultimately evolved in two directions- classic and modern. While I'm not afraid of new trends and ideas, I believe in natural enhancement, not what designers are showcasing on today's runways. Maybe one day a new Coco will arise and the creation of beautiful pieces modeled by powerful women will call me back home to Bryant Park.

Monday, September 19, 2016

An Ode to Old Navy Pixie Pants

When I first started working at Macy's (and learned that jeans weren't in dress code), I realized that I needed a pair of basic work pants. I wasn't into slacks or loose polyester bottoms, so I headed to J.Crew and Old Navy. J.Crew is known for their classic professional clothing, but their pants had a weird fit that didn't suit my body type. Instead of purchasing $100 pants that I didn't love, I went to Old Navy and found the most amazing pair in the form of their Pixie Mid-Rise Ankle Pants (petite size of course). The petite pants hit right at my ankle and are the softest, most comfortable pair of stretchy bottoms. I love how they come in multiple colors and patterns that rotate throughout the seasons. After I purchased my polka dot and navy pants, I bought a pair of black ones and khakis. One of my jobs required I wear khaki pants with our issued polo shirts and I knew that the Pixies would be perfect. I love styling them with loose blouses for work and camis or basic tank tops for school.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Baylor vs. Rice Recap

After three games, Baylor is 3-0 and is the highest ranked Big 12 team (tied with West Virginia). Yes, it can be pointed out that the Bears' non conference schedule was much easier than that of Oklahoma, it's still exciting to see our boys advance to the top before conference play. There are many questions before we face Oklahoma State on Saturday, so let's get in to the Rice game.

Rice University is by no means a powerhouse team, but they gave the Bears a run for their money in the first half of the game. Baylor's offense took more time than usual to get going and QB Seth Russell struggled to connect with his receivers. Similar to the SMU game, Russell and co.'s offense started sluggish and weak. Russell completed 22 of 38 pass attempts for 337 yards with three touchdowns and one interception. The biggest offensive problems during the game were mixed between the offensive line and wide receivers. When Big 12 play starts, it's of utmost importance for the OL to keep Russell healthy and safe. The linemen are all young, first-time starters, but they're going to have to start playing with maturity and poise. Russell's incompletions were all either to WR Chris Platt or Blake Lynch- both players who struggled during the SMU game as well. The Bears will have to start catching balls in order to keep their highly touted #WRU title. Unlike Platt and Lynch, WR KD Cannon had himself a game. Cannon missed most of preseason workouts due to surgery, but he's been gradually working himself back to 100%. It's unfair to expect Cannon to immediately fill the receiving void left by Corey Coleman, but this season we can look to Cannon to become WR 1. Cannon totaled nine catches for 213 yards and two touchdowns. Check out his best catch of the night:

RB Shock Linwood surpassed Walter Abercrombie's record as Baylor's all-time career rusher after he recorded 3,675 career yards. Linwood isn't 100% healthy just yet, but has the potential to finish the season as a star. Young RBs Terence Williams and JaMycal Hasty made moves as well on Friday, recording 12 carries for 79 yards and one touchdown, and 14 carries for 105 yards and one touchdown, respectively. TE Jordan Feuerbacher recorded one touchdown as well, for a total of five Baylor touchdowns.

Baylor favorite NB Travon Blanchard returned and made plays. He totaled nine tackles: three for a loss of nine yards, one pass breakup and one sack. Blanchard was a monster presence on the field, especially in combination with fellow NB Patrick Levels who recorded five tackles: 1.5 for a loss of four yards and 0.5 sacks. LBs Aiavion Edwards and Taylor Young dominated on the field along with DE K.J. Smith and S Davion Hall. The defense again kept the Bears in the game, which is a statement that I would have never said last year. I'm excited to see how the defense continues to improve throughout the season with the hope that our offense finds their natural rhythm.

Final notes:

I don't know what our defense looked like before we had a combination of Blanchard and Levels
I like having a good defense
Where are you, Seth?
Congratulations on the record, Shock!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

5 Things

1. 3-0!

2. Babysitting puppies

3. The best after work pick-me-up

4. Important wisdom

5. Always working

Friday, September 16, 2016

What's in my Tote Bag? - Fall 2016

I've always loved snooping through my sister and mom's bags to see what goodies they were carrying around. My mom would regularly keep bags of bubble gum or candy in her bag along with any item I would ever need (i.e.: ibuprofin, toothpicks, hairbrush, etc). I still love learning about the contents of women's purses, which is why I love the "what's in my bag" blog tag.

This installment features a new favorite everyday bag. My "aloha & mahalo" tote is from Red Pineapple in Ward Warehouse and I love it! Totes are so easy to use for school and outside activities because I can just chuck in anything I want to carry and go. My Barnes & Noble leather notebook is always with me as I keep all of my football information and life notes inside. My notebook is my most prized possession and I make sure to transfer it from bag to bag. My Kate Spade Cedar Street Darla wallet is another one of my must-haves. The strawberry wallet carries all of my cash, cards and change as well as my apartment keys. I like to carry my Bluesband harmonica around in case I feel the need to break out in song and dance (or if I want to contribute to a concert). The Canon S120 is my vlogging camera of choice, which I keep in my bag if I want to document any events or activities. My zippered makeup bag houses all of my essential beauty products such as concealer, an eyebrow pencil, mascara, lipstick and powder. As I've been working at all of my school football games, I make sure to keep my credentials on hand at all times. I also carry a pencil/pen and rubber bands just in case.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

How to Kick Homesickness

I'm sure I wrote this post last year at the beginning of my freshman year, but it doesn't hurt to share an update on my feelings. I've been in Texas for the past five weeks and have battled overwhelming homesickness. I'm lucky to live in a modern age where FaceTime and texting reigns supreme, but every once in a while, I give in to my lack of comfort in a different place. I could either sit in my room all day and mope about my sadness (which I do sometimes) or use these tips to kick my homesickness in the ass and be present in where I am.

  1. Get out and get involved. Meeting new people and stepping out of my comfort zone is my biggest nightmare, but sometimes I have to do it. Last year I was in marching band and it was the best place for me to meet people since Greek life is not my thing. However, this year I decided to quit band and do something new! I have since gotten involved in the athletic department where I work for the communications office and athletic development. Working every day has kept me occupied and has also been a great way to meet new people. One of the best parts about working is that I'm able to work at athletic events! I'm always exhausted when I get home at the end of the day, but keeping myself busy has been amazing.
  2. FaceTime your mom (and your dad, sibling, grandparents, etc). Sometimes it's difficult to find the time to talk to my family, but I make sure that we speak every day. FaceTime is an incredible invention and everyone should take advantage of it! Even being able to see my pets face-to-face via iPhone makes me feel less sad.
  3. Eat foods that you would eat at home. SPAM is always available across the nation and I keep a few cans in my kitchen cabinet. I love to throw it in saimin for a cheap and easy dinner or in eggs for breakfast. I'm also lucky that my mom sends me a good number of Mauna Loa macadamia nut boxes every few weeks!
  4. Create a homesick playlist. Mine consists of Kealiʻi Reichel, Henry Kapono, and Kuana Torres Kahele (plus uncle Robert Cazimero, Kalapana, Braddah Iz and HAPA). Listening to "Drop Baby Drop" or "Kuʻu Lei Awapuhi" while I'm walking to class soothes my soul and makes me excited to start my day.
Just remember, home will always be home. Even though I'm away at school, I know I'll be home in just a few months! Keep pressing on!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The "Old Favorites" Playlist

Currents by Sleeping at Last

Be Without You by Mary J. Blige

Me vs. Maradona vs. Elvis by Brand New

If It Means a Lot To You by A Day to Remember

Amazing, Because it Is by The Almost

The Darkest Side by The Middle East

Existentialism on Prom Night by Straylight Run

Kings and Queens by Thirty Seconds to Mars

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

RGIII on Injured Reserve

Poor RGIII. If there's a list of historically ill-fated athletes, we can in good faith, place Robert Griffin at the top. He had so much potential coming out of Baylor with a Heisman trophy, but RGIII simply cannot stay healthy. Injury after injury has made Griffin a lackluster performer on the field as he attempts to make it through each season without getting hurt. This time around, he fractured a bone in his shoulder and will be forced to miss at least eight games. While he remains on the Cleveland Browns' roster, Griffin is placed on injured reserve and will later have to compete to win back his starting spot (if the team decides to keep him). Let's keep hoping for the best in Griffin's case, because he truly deserves success in the league. Rooting for you, RGIII!

Monday, September 12, 2016

On My Reading List - Online

I've begun to collect books- all unread, all about social justice, football and Alexander Hamilton. I like to say that I don't have enough time to read unless it's for a class, but that's not true. We all have the same 24 hours in a day and it's all about priorities. Unfortunately for me, reading books just isn't my main priority. I want to read all about The New Jim Crow and how to create an unstoppable offense, but those topics will have to wait until my next break. Reading online, however, has become extremely easy. Everything has gone digital and I'm not complaining. I've bookmarked the posts and articles I want to check out and share with you all.

For every thousand evil Matt Walshs, there's one good John Pavlovitz. John Pavlovitz is a pastor in North Carolina who preaches real love and equality- not those who express hate disguised as love. His posts always bring new insight into hot societal topics from a rare point of view. I've been a fan of Jon Gruden ever since I discovered his QB Camp during the NFL Draft. His in depth football background makes him one of the most reliable sources in the sport. Speaking of football, QB Colin Kaepernick's protest of the national anthem has made national news for the past couple of weeks. Denver Broncos offensive tackle Russell Okung penned an article in favor of Kaep's protest, articulating the QB's reasons for sitting. It's a thought-provoking essay for those in favor and opposed to the stance that I think everyone should check out. For a lighter read, I love Julia Engel's blog. I love scanning her blog for style inspiration and vacation ideas. If you're a fan of blush clothing and girly accessories, head over now!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Baylor vs. SMU Recap

Game two of the Baylor football season is in the books and it's definitely not one to re-read. The Bears looked like a different team as they took the field against Chad Morris' SMU Mustangs. While Baylor's offense struggled to find its rhythm in the first half, the defense showed up and showed off.

For the first time in who knows how long, the offense couldn't figure out how to get the ball rolling. QB Seth Russell completed 26 passes of 47 attempts for 261 yards and 2 TDs. Now those aren't the worst passing stats possible, but they're certainly not up to par. Russell was unable to connect with his receivers, releasing passes that were either too deep or too short. The first quarter consisted of incomplete passes and penalties as the Bears struggled with false starts and a lack of first downs. A 22-yard pass to WR Pooh Stricklin on the first drive followed by a 35-yard field goal put the Bears on the board in the second quarter. The fourth drive of the quarter took five minutes as Russell completed passes to WRs Denzel Mims, KD Cannon and Blake Lynch before Lynch caught a 15-yarder and fumbled the ball on the SMU one yard line. P/K Chris Callahan nailed a 38-yard field goal at the end of the second quarter to keep the Bears in line before the half. RB Shock Linwood led Baylor's first drive of the third quarter before a personal foul on SMU gave the Bears a second chance to score on third down. Russell completed consecutive passes and redeemed Lynch after he caught a 31-yard TD pass. A second interception for Russell did not help his stats, but a 19 yard rushing TD definitely did. With a score of 26-13 at the end of the third quarter, the Bears were hoping to extend their lead and put a dampen on SMU's confidence. Russell finally showed off his power as he launched a perfect 32-yard pass to Cannon in the end zone. A JaMycal Hasty showing led to the final Bears touchdown of the night, capping the score at 40-13 with four minutes left in the fourth.

Clearly it was the defense' night to shine. NB Patrick Levels had himself a game as he totaled 12 tackles, one for a loss of four yards; two forced fumbles and two QB hurries. Levels was a dominating presence on the field and constantly forced himself into SMU territory. Although he hasn't started a game until this season, he's shown maturity and poise as the temporary replacement for injured star Travon Blanchard. Now that Blanchard has been cleared to play, I'm ecstatic to see how coach Bennett will use both of their talents to traumatize offenses. The other two defensive MVPs of the night were S Orion Stewart and Davion Hall. Stewart hasn't recently had an outstanding game but showed his senior leadership after he grabbed two interceptions and returned one for a 33-yard touchdown. Stewart recorded eight tackles, two interceptions and one touchdown in his break out game. Hall switched from WR to S in the spring and is a monster in the backfield. He got a pick in the end zone, which he returned for 62-yards. He totaled eight tackles, one interception, one pass breakup and one QB hurry. I will sing the defense' praises for the rest of the week as they truly won the game for us.

Our biggest issues so far are an extremely weak offensive line and a D-line with a lack of depth. Our O-line showed their fragility against a mediocre team as the pocket often collapsed around Seth, leading me to worry about how our offense will do in the upcoming months. Special teams has improved greatly, which I something I never thought I would ever say about our team. WR Tony Nicholson is a speedy powerhouse with the worst luck. This was the second game in a row that he would have returned a punt for a touchdown if our players hadn't fouled their opponents during the return. Anyhow, I'm excited to see our special teams give opposing teams a run for their money.

Baylor will play Rice in Houston on Friday at 7 pm.

Final notes:

Orion and Davion for team president/VP
You'll get um next time, Tony
I want to see more of Lenoy Jones Jr.
JaMycal Hasty is my newest favorite

Saturday, September 10, 2016

5 Things

1. Work views

2. Me and dad before he left Texas :(

3. Sideline access

4. Fetus me and mom on my birthday

5. Missing home

Friday, September 9, 2016

Scents from Home

My perfume collection has never grown past two scents: Chloé Eau de Parfum and Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede. I'm a true loyalist when it comes to beauty, but over the summer I discovered a new holy grail perfume. The Estee Lauder Private Collection Tuberose and Gardenia Eau de Parfum is the most beautiful fragrance I've ever laid (nose?) on. When I'm away at school, I miss the smell of my favorite floral lei and this perfume perfectly captures my home. The fragrance itself is quite pricey but it lasts a long time and is perfect for any occasion. I worked at Macy's this summer and every time a customer came to the Lauder counter looking for a perfume, I recommended Private Collection. After each woman smelled a whiff of it, she walked away with one or two bottles; it's that good. If you're in the market for a lei (or the bottled remnants of one), check out Tuberose Gardenia!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Birthday Bernie + Book

After my hero and political icon uncle Bernie Sanders endorsed HRC for president (still not going to talk about that move), I felt defeated. I was never interested in politics before the Sanders campaign, but he taught me so much about loving others and caring about equality for all that I became obsessed with the election. Unfortunately, election-rigging scenes from "Scandal" came to life as I saw my and his dreams ripped from his hands. I will never understand how the nation could choose a liar, cheater, racist or bigot over a good, honest man who has fought for the same values his entire life. Luckily enough, the election wasn't the end of uncle Bernie- in fact, it was the beginning. Today on his birthday, Senator Sanders announced the release of his book "Our Revolution" where he details his time on the campaign trail as well as steps on how to continue changing our world. Happy birthday uncle Bernie, you changed my life.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Olive Clothing Wishlist

When I find something I like- whether it's an entree, vacation destination or clothing store, I stick with it. I'm consistent with my shopping locations: Nordstrom, J.Crew, Old Navy, Urban Outfitters, but I recently discovered an online boutique for which I've fallen head over heels. The store in question is Olive Clothing- a modern British clothing brand that creates stylish yet ethically conscious clothing. Every piece is hand-picked by the store owners who collaborate with smaller independent designers. I love how each item is feminine and minimalistic. Most of the pieces in my wardrobe are neutral pastels and I know that every one of these would fit right in to my closet. I love the Tied Sleeves Stripe Dress paired with strappy ballet flats and a floppy hat for any Hawaiʻi weather. I would update the Block Colour Strappy Dress for fall by styling it over a black turtleneck and a striped clutch. The Stitch Flower Frill Sleeve Dress is adorable and would look amazing with gold accessories and sandals. I would style the Button Down Dungaree Dress over a basic tee and wool tights for the fall. Jeans are my closet essential and the S Boyfriend Jean is a relaxed style that I would wear with a silk cami. The Button Down Sleeveless Dress reminds me of an everyday dress my mom wears (would you guess it, every day) and I love the idea of it with a utility jacket and ankle boots. The Scallop Collar Blouse is a feminine take on the classic white button down. I would style it with distressed denim and nude flats. I love loose tops and the High Neck Skinny Stripe Tee and Lace Neck Detail Knit Jumper are the perfect additions to my fall wardrobe.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Happy Birthday Mom!

There's a special bond between a mother and her children. My mom and I have always been close since I was young, particularly because we share so many similar characteristics. However as I've grown older, we've become best friends. I tell her everything and whenever we're together, I know I'm home. I will always be grateful to my mom for sharing her love of football, classic rock and Haagen Gazs ice cream. Thank you, mom, for giving me life and for being someone I know will always be by my side through everything. I love you more than you will ever know.

Monday, September 5, 2016

The Color of Fall

The hot summer days are leaving us (unless you're in Texas or Hawaiʻi) and my favorite times of the year are quickly approaching! I'm always inspired by fall fashion- whether it's capes, thigh-high boots or dark wash jeans. Most years I'm sporting gray and burgundy, but this year is all about blush. This mauve shade is extremely versatile and can be worn year-round, but I'm most excited to wear it during the colder months. I love the idea of an all blush outfit when most people are wearing dark winter clothes. These shades will look especially beautiful paired with denim and other neutrals.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Baylor vs. Northwestern State Recap

Baylor football is back! I've been waiting for what seems like an eternity to watch my favorite players take the field. The Bears, who opened their season against the Northwestern State University Demons, did not disappoint. After a historically tumultuous offseason, I'm not alone when I say that I was excited to finally talk about football again. The Bears revealed the same spread offense and a refreshed defense led by unfamiliar faces. Although both sides of the ball have dealt with training up younger players, the team showed their new cohesiveness as they totaled 498 yards and only played their starters for the first half of the game.

After nearly 10 months without football, QB Seth Russell's passing game seemed to be exactly the same as it was in his 2015 record-breaking season. Russell completed 14 of 20 attempts for 163 yards and four TDs. The leading rusher of the night was none other than previously injured RB Shock Linwood, who rushed for 42 yards within 12 minutes of the game. 48 yards of Shock led to a 13 yard rushing TD by Terence Williams at the 10 minute mark of the first quarter. In Baylor's second drive, a holding penalty on C Kyle Fuller stopped the Bears from scoring six, but a 23 yard field goal by Chris Callahan made the score 10-0 Baylor. Three first downs later, a combination of Linwood and WR Chris Platt set up an easy four yard score to TE Sam Tecklenburg, another TD for BU. Russell's main man in Baylor's fourth drive was star WR KD Cannon who caught back-to-back passes, setting up easy rushing yards for Williams before catching a six yard TD. Baylor started the second quarter with a 33 yard field goal before scoring another TD by TE Jordan Feuerbacher. The next series showed off Russell's cannon of an arm after he launched a beautiful 45 yarder to WR (sometimes QB) Lynx Hawthorne, leading to a 10 yard TD by WR Pooh Stricklin (keep an eye on this one, this kid is going to be a star). Baylor's second string true-freshman QB Zach Smith slung a 19 yard pass to WR Blake Lynch before handing off a TD to Williams in his college debut. At this point in the game, it's the end of the second quarter and Baylor is up 48-0. In their last scoring series (beginning of the third quarter, mind you) RB JaMycal Hasty was the RB of choice as he rushed for 45 yards, setting up a 12 yard Blake Lynch TD. The rest of the game gave RSFr QB Zach Bennema a chance to play as the Bears tried to run the clock down. RB Wyatt Schrepfer showed off as he was Bennema's right hand man. Although Baylor didn't score after Lynch's TD in the third quarter, it was nice to see the third stringers get some playing action in. It would be a travesty if the worst case scenario happens and our young guys aren't experienced enough to keep the game going.

Defensive coordinator Phil Bennett showed off the pipes on his younger starters as fresh faces were seared into the memories of Baylor fans. NT Ira Lewis was phenomenal, recording three tackles for loss and one QB hurry. However, it's worth noting that Lewis' presence on the field outshone his actual statistics. He dominated all of NSU's offensive linemen and obviously scared the crap out of QB Brooks Haack who finished by completing 3 of 13 attempts for 14 yards after being sacked twice. LB Taylor Young found a sweet spot that we haven't seen since his freshman year as he totaled six tackles, 3.5 for a loss of 21 yards and one sack. LB Clay Johnston followed suit as he recorded five tackles with 2 for a loss of 12 yards. The rest of the defense stacked up and held the Demons to just 78 total yards of offense and had been in the negative yardage for most of the night.

Although we lost a good number of familiar faces in the offseason crossfire, it's safe to say that the team I love is back and better than ever; not only in football but also off the field. With the greatest staff of coaches behind them, the 2016 Baylor football team will be one for the memory books.

Final Notes:

Ira Lewis is going to be a star
Where has Tony Nicholson been all my life?
Damn, JaMycal Hasty can run
Love you Seth

Saturday, September 3, 2016

5 Things

1. My newest dream gig!

2. Scout loves grandpa

3. Always missing this view

4. I dreamt about this food last night

5. Getting paid to watch football in an A/C room

Friday, September 2, 2016

Noelle Listens | September 2016

Sorrow by Sleeping at Last

Congratulations from Hamilton

Guest Room by The National

Down River by The Temper Trap

People Change Their Minds by William Fitzsimmons

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Hawaiʻi vs. California Recap

The 2016 college football season opened last week Saturday as the University of Hawaiʻi played against the University of California in Sydney, Australia. Head coach Nick Rolovich made his debut as the Warriors came up short agains the Golden Bears. The game had a phenomenal turnout as 61,247 fans filled Sydney's Olympic stadium to see an American football game.

Both teams started off hot as they racked up 31 points in the first quarter alone. Cal quarterback Davis Webb had a great first game for the Bears- completing 38 of 54 pass attempts for 441 yards and four touchdowns. The Texas Tech grad transfer made all the difference for Cal as he frequently connected with his wide receivers and even rushed for a touchdown. RB Khalfani Muhammad rushed for 94 yard and one touchdown while WR Chad Hansen grabbed two touchdowns and had 14 receptions for 160 yards.

UH QB Ikaika Woolsey completed 17 of 34 attempts for 234 yards with one touchdown and one interception. Woolsey connected with WR Marcus Kemp who had four receptions for 73 yards and one score. The Warriors played a hard game but ultimately beat themselves as they totaled five turnovers.

Cal came up on top for the first game of the season and it will be interesting to see how the rest of the year plays out for both teams.
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