Thursday, November 17, 2016

Scheduling November

I've always loved planners but have never found consistency through them. My laziness and overall lackadaisical personality are to blame for the copious amounts of half-used calendars in my bedroom. However, this year I knew I had to step up my organizing game as I would be juggling 17-hours, two jobs and a daily blog. My favorite 17 Month Agenda from band.ō is the perfect backpack essential for my personal and educational needs. This month has been particularly busy with projects, essays, exams and sporting events; but I found that noting my huge deadlines in the NOTES margin of the planners has kept me aware of my looming due dates. In the daily boxes, I write down all of my Japanese performance dialogues, test dates, work meetings and essay deadlines. On paydays I highlight the days in orange to add visual appeal to plain white pages. I've also highlighted thanksgiving week so I know what I have to look forward to! Staying on top of deadlines and important dates is key to organization (and hopefully educational) success.

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