Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Roadtrip Attire

Urban Outfitters top, Brandy Melville shorts, Kate Spade sunglasses (old)

I mainly chose to write about this outfit because of the background. That ocean, the cerulean gradient sky, that big ass hole in the middle of the rock wall...those are au natural. When I'm home I often (always) take the natural beauty surrounding me for granted. I don't think I even noticed how blue the sky was when I was at Lāʻie point. Do you see how the sky fades from blue to a gray-ish white? I'm actually disrespecting nature's artistry with my description. Yeah, here's a cute outfit I wore on a road trip to the north shore but damn, look at the sky! Look at the ocean! Look at how each ripple in the ocean is individual and different! Look at that big ass gap in the rock! Don't look at my outfit anymore, look at everything surrounding me. Maybe next time I'll truly appreciate my home instead of documenting it and leaving. But anyway, here's my outfit...the top is soft, the shorts are flowy and my glasses have glitter on them. How profound.

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