Monday, April 17, 2017

New York Day Three

Day three of my New York trip sent Brandon, Parker and me to the Upper East Side (xoxo Gossip Girl...I hate myself for saying that). While I researched activities in the city, I discovered the rentable boats in Central Park and I convinced the boys to paddle with me. We agreed to go boating and follow up with a trip to the MET since I had never been. After catching the subway to god knows where (I suck at directions), we stopped at H&H Bagels for breakfast where I had the best bagel sandwich of my life. I think bagels and mascara are the two greatest inventions since dogs were made. We took our breakfasts to go and walked a few blocks to Central Park where the line for boating was outrageous. Luckily, it moved up quickly and we were in our own boat in no time. For only $15, we had the boat for a whole hour. Parker paddled first and was randomly amazing at steering. Every time a group of dumb people came close to ours, Parker quickly pointed the boat in another direction. Brandon paddled us back after an hour and he was also good at it (besides all the time he splashed me). Because it was so hot outside, we headed toward the MET where I donated a generous $2 toward its preservation. The MET was 200 million times better than the Whitney Museum because it actually had real art like JACKSON FREAKING POLLUCK'S ORIGINAL PAINTINGS. Jackson Polluck was the first artist I learned about and fell in love with in sixth grade and it was amazing to see his piece in real life. The Oceania exhibit was also great as it had pieces from all over the Polynesian scope. We all felt well represented. After we caught the subway back toward Midtown, we picked up Shake Shack for an early dinner. I love Shake Shack more than almost everything and eating the food in bed without being surrounded by hovering people was incredible. Parker and Brandon passed out for a few hours after eating and we walked to Penn Station that night so Parker could catch the train back to school. Brandon and I wanted ice cream at 10:30 pm and we headed toward Van Leeuwen's a few stops away. Although I asked Brandon at stop two if we were supposed to get off, he said no and we ended up in Brooklyn. Typical Brandon. Luckily we made it to the ice cream shop alive and had the most delicious scoop of chocolate and homemade whipped cream. We even lived on our ride back to the hotel at 12:30 am! What a day.

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