Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Acacia Mahalo

I purchased my first Acacia suit! I only spent a good portion of my tax return on it (ps...damn! Thanks @ government for giving me back my money even though you're corrupt as hell) but I'm in love with the Teahupoʻo Full Piece in Mahalo. Although I've wanted one of the luxury suits for years, I could never justify the price tag for the prints featured. It wasn't until I saw a preview for their Mahalo collection that I knew it was the piece for me. I chose their Teahupoʻo design because I love the crochet neck/bust area as its unique to the brand itself. Although it may leave a gnarly cluster tan, I still think it's the best style for me. Now I'll go back to being a poor and eat only 99c saimin packets...

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