Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Baylor Sophomore

My sophomore year at Baylor was filled with exciting opportunities, new friendships, difficult classes, full independence, and ultimately, change. I hate change, I always have. From the time I was little, I would complain about a missing person at our annual New Year's party, ate only one type of dish at every restaurant, and worried about changing classrooms each year. Even now I stick to a routine when I do my makeup, walk to class or work, and make dinners. To my disdain, this year was both amazing and incredibly turbulent, leaving me depressed as I said goodbye to some of my most favorite people. Despite the sad times, however, I also experienced great joy in a job that I'm in love with. Working has been the highlight of my year as I spent most of my time in the office or at football/basketball games or tennis matches. I've written press releases, game previews, and recaps, scanned more football stats than I could count, ran actual tennis matches, transcribed a million quotes, and ran back and forth in seemingly every athletic complex. I also made some of my best friends in my Japanese class (who would have thought?). Seeing each other in class everyday forced us to get along and become close over our shared pain and frustration at sensei haha. We've studied, eaten countless dinners, hung out over breaks, and have truly become great friends. I know this post is horrendously long due to my overwhelming number of photos, but this blog is basically my online album and I want to document my favorite memories from this long year. Each picture brings me joy and I can't wait to see what next year holds.

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