Friday, May 26, 2017

To Watch | May 2017

When I'm not in class, doing homework, working athletic events, or shopping, I'm most likely watching tv or movies. Because movie tickets are dirt cheap in Waco ($5 at any time? Ridiculous), I watched more films than I can count. My favorite of the bunch was Jordan Peele's cinematic masterpiece- "Get Out". I've raved about the movie to every person I know and watched it in the theaters seven times. I know that's a little excessive, but the film is that good. It made me laugh, cringe, shudder, and ultimately scared. Although it wasn't a classic horror movie, it found its own genre in the realm of instant classics. "Get Out" is one of my top five favorite movies due to its unique plot, incredible acting, and unbeatable humor. It's a must see for anyone who loves scary movies, comedies, and social issues. It will definitely win the Oscar for movie of the year. Another fantastic movie I saw is "Moonlight"- an independent game-changing film by Barry Jenkins. Through the eyes of protagonist Chiron at three points in his life, we witness the struggles he faces as a gay black child to man in Miami. "Moonlight" featured remarkable performances by every actor on set, but Mahershala Ali's cameo as Juan stole the show. It's no wonder he won Best Supporting Actor at the last Oscars. PBS' Independent Lens episodes are always educational, but the episode entitled "In Football We Trust" was one of my favorite pieces of television I've ever seen. The episode focused on Polynesian high school football players in Utah struggling to escape poverty and drugs in an effort to make it to the pros. I watched the show with my dad after I heard Common Kings' "Wade in your Water" playing and I was instantly drawn in. Seeing the boys deal with the pressures of taking care of their families, succeeding in the game, and trying to avoid crime was painful because it's the same story many Poly kids experience in Hawaiʻi as well. I loved the episode because it focused solely on Poly athletes- some of the most extraordinary football players, yet often the most ignored in media and awards. The episode can be found on PBS' website here.

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