Saturday, July 22, 2017

5 Things

1. Waiting in line for Mama's is always worth it

2. I camped like a real wilderness person!

3. Glorious breakfast foods

4. The most beautiful view to wake up to

5. Truth

Friday, July 21, 2017

San Francisco Day Four

On our last full day in San Francisco, we wandered around Japantown (Nihon Machi) with our cousin Nichole in search of cheap goodies at the dollar store, curry from any restaurant in the area, and unique beauty products. We started the day with breakfast from Tartine Bakery- one of dad's favorites, but got sick from the croissant sandwich! Luckily we recovered from a minor bout of food poisoning before meeting up with Nichole in the Japanese food haven. We stopped by the $1.50 store where dad purchased seven fountain pens ("they're only $1.50!" -direct quote, my father), I cleared out the chocolate mushrooms, and spent more money than necessary on kawaii products. I begged everyone to find a restaurant serving curry and it only took dad multiple Yelp searches and aimless walking in order to find a ramen shop with a legit curry bowl. We sat near the most obnoxious group of loud humans, who nearly made me explode with rage, but the curry was so delicious I would go back despite the freaking annoying people who ordered vegan ramen. Okay, mini rant over. Japantown is incredible and is a great spot to spend the day as it has dozens of ramen, bento, and teishoku available in SF along with cute shops and dessert bars. Although we were sad to leave the city, hanging out with Nichole and stuffing our faces with the best food was the perfect finishing touch!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Football Favorites | Michael Bennett

I've never been a Seahawks fan (@ Pete Carroll), but Michael Bennett is one of my favorites in the league. The DE joins my beloved Colin Kaepernick as an athletic hero due to his consistent community service, mentoring, and good stewardship. He was a three sport athlete at Alief Taylor High School where he excelled in baseball, football, and track. In his senior year, Bennett notched 110 tackles with four sacks, landing first-team All-District honors while succeeding in discus with a personal record throw of 147 ft. Bennett attended Texas A&M (disgust) where he played all four seasons as a DL. As a freshman, Bennett totaled 23 tackles for a loss of 4.5 yards with 3.5 sacks and one pass defended. He increased his numbers as a sophomore with 27 tackles for a loss of 6 yards with two sacks, one pass defended, and two forced fumbles. He exploded on the field as a junior where he notched 43 tackles for a loss of 6 yards with one sack, four passes defended, and one forced fumble. Bennett's numbers took a nosedive in his final year in College Station as he only showed 19 tackles for a loss of three yards with one interception. Bennett's younger brother Martellus (my other favorite! Post written about him here) also played at A&M from 2006-2008.

The Super Bowl XLVIII champion and two-time Pro Bowl participant went undrafted in the 2009 NFL Draft, but was picked up by the Seahawks in his first attempt with the team. Although he initially showed promise, Bennett was dropped from his contract with Seattle and he moved to Tampa Bay where he notched a career-high 41 tackles, nine sacks, and three forced fumbles. He was released by the Buccs in 2012 before he returned to his inaugural team. Bennett's stats have fluctuated during his time in the league as he began his first season with the Seahawks under the guise of 18 tackles, 8.5 sacks, one forced fumble, and one fumble recovery. His 2015 season was a showstopper as Bennett recorded 33 tackles, 10 sacks, and two forced fumbles. He was a two-time NFC Champion in 2013 and 2014 and earned the title of Pro Bowl Defensive MVP in the 2015 game.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

White Popsicles

I've been choosing color over neutrals recently and have seen style as both an art and a means of dictating my mood. I love the pink, yellow, and orange popsicles on this Maison Jules tee for the summer time as they're easy to color coordinate. I originally paired the top with hot pink pants but instead went for classic white jeans from J.Crew (my new favorites!) and my pastel yellow Allbirds sneakers. These shoes are incredible soft and comfortable to wear around the city! I threw my denim bomber from LOFT over the shirt because I like how it breaks up some of the colors. My pink Kate Spade bag finished off the look and my bright pastel tirade continues with my upcoming outfits!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Life Changing Restaurant

Gary Danko is the most incredible restaurant I've ever experienced. Our first visit was in 2014 and the food was so amazing we had to go back! Luckily we reserved a table on our most recent trip and had the same life changing experience as the first. Gary Danko is a high end restaurant without extravagant prices. Located in Russian Hill, the multi course eatery boasts its twelfth Five Diamond rating from AAA and a Michelin rating. Although it mainly features French cuisine, the chefs also create Asian and American inspired dishes. The menu lists dozens of appetizers, entrees, and desserts meant to be paired in three, four, or five courses. Gary Danko is unique because they encourage diners to tailor their selections to their taste: selecting one appetizer, one entree, and one dessert, or even three entrees, three desserts, or three appetizers. We usually go for the classic one, one, one, but my dad chose the four course selection with one appetizer, two entrees, and a dessert. The prices for all are reasonable with three courses for $89, four for $107, and five for $125. For my menu, I chose the sweet corn soup, seared fillet of beef, and peanut butter bar and they were all the best foods I've ever tasted. The waiters are all extremely attentive, the food is incredible, and every element of the restaurant makes us want to go back every day. If you ever have the chance to reserve a table, I highly recommend it for the best meal of your life!

Monday, July 17, 2017

San Francisco Day Three

Saturday in San Francisco was one of the most fantastic days ever because we witnessed Hamilton with our own eyes! I (and everyone else on the planet) have been obsessed with the founding father musical since its Broadway debut and frequently annoyed my family with my constant belting of the soundtrack. When my mom purchased tickets for the Broadway tour in SF, we were all ecstatic to see Lin-Manuel's genius through a new cast. Although I would die to see the original cast perform live, the San Francisco cast was just as phenomenal as the OGs. My favorite was Joshua Henry who played Aaron Burr (my favorite character). I've been a fan of his since I watched his Hamilton remixes during his tenure in the Chicago cast and was willing to travel to the windy city just to see him on stage. Luckily enough, I didn't have to go to Illinois and instead watched him in awe at the Orpheum! The whole musical was even more incredible than I hoped and I blubbered from start to finish, amazed that I was in the presence of my favorite piece of art. All I can really say is that Hamilton is one of the few things in life that is better than one could imagine and my love for Angelica Schuyler was reawakened. We also visited our favorite farmer's market at the ferry building and ate porchetta, bison dumplings, and peach pie before stuffing our faces with food court Asian food and Ghiradelli sundaes to end the day!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Roger Federer Makes History at Wimbledon

Tennis great Roger Federer continued his winning legacy with a record-breaking eighth Wimbledon title. After defeating Marin Cilic, 6-3, 6-1, 6-4, in a quick sweep, Federer accepted his trophy with his typical grace and ease. He also added to his historic victory as he became the first male Wimbledon winner without dropping a set since Bjorn Borg accomplished the feat in 1976. Federer's win seemed long overdue as he had been injured for five months after hurting his knee. Marin Cilic struggled on the court after sustaining a blister and never recovered from the pain. His skill and speed continued to decrease as Federer only improved. His final ace over Cilic sealed the deal and wrote his name in a new section of the Wimbledon record book!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

5 Things

1. One of my favorite views

2. Outfit outtakes

3. Glorious pizzas

4. Puppy showdown

5. Simple poetry

Friday, July 14, 2017

San Francisco Day Two

Day two of our trip to San Francisco consisted of meals at my two favorite restaurants of all time: Mama's and Gary Danko. We've been eating breakfast at Mama's since I was in the single digits and it's still my most beloved eatery ever. When we were younger we used to wait in line for over an hour to get into the restaurant but we've recently discovered the sweet spot of 7:30-7:40 a.m. where we can make the first seating! Once we get inside, we stand in line to order and spend an ungodly amount on breakfast food (which is the only food worth all that money) and pick too many dishes. I usually go for the classic bacon and eggs with a chocolate coffee cake to share. Today, however, I tried their corned beef benedict with fruit and we all split pancakes and coffee cakes. Their pancakes are heavenly and I would love to sleep on a bed of them every night. After stuffing our faces, we walked 30 minutes back to the hotel and rested until it was time for the grand finale: dinner at Gary Danko! Gary Danko is the fanciest and most delicious dinner location I've ever visited where it's so luxurious we have to make reservations three months in advance on the exact date! Luckily we booked a spot and spent the whole night feasting on three courses and announcing, "this is the best meal I've ever had" after every bite. A full post on the restaurant is coming soon, so I'll save the food photos for then! Now off to bed before Hamilton tomorrow!!!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

San Francisco Day One

We're here! San Francisco is probably our favorite city in the world (after anywhere in Hawaiʻi of course) and it's exciting to be back after three years apart. After landing at around 10 pm, we headed straight for the closest In-n-Out we could find and ate all of the burgers and fries. On our first official day in the city, we woke up late and ate breakfast at Royal Donut Café in Burlingame. We found our way toward a few Nordstrom Racks (where I bought a new jacket), Muji, and the Golden Gate Bridge where I forced my family to stop and take my outfit pictures. We drove to Sausalito for lunch and walked around the town until it was time to check in to our hotel. Dinner was at One Market near the Ferry Building and dessert was ice cream sundaes at Mel's Drive Inn before bed! Tomorrow features my favorite breakfast in the whole world and a bit more wandering around the city. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

2017 ESPY Winners

Former NFL great Peyton Manning hosted the 2017 ESPY awards where the greatest athletes of the year are celebrated for their achievements. I was surprised that the Warriors beat the Patriots for "Best Team" considering the Pats *coughCheaterscough* huge Super Bowl upset. Other than that win, every other award seemed well deserved to me! My favorite champions are obviously Serena Williams and Dak Prescott and I'm happy their awards were properly distributed.

Final list of winners:

  • Best Male Athlete: Russell Westbrook - Oklahoma City Thunder
  • Best Female Athlete: Simone Biles - United States Olympic Gymnastics
  • Best Team: Golden State Warriors
  • Best Play: Aaron Rodgers' Connection with Jared Cook against Dallas Cowboys
  • Best Championship Performance: Kevin Durant - Golden State Warriors
  • Best Breakthrough Athlete: Dak Prescott - Dallas Cowboys
  • Best Record-Breaking Performance: Michael Phelps 28 career olympic medals - United States Olympic Swimming
  • Best Upset: Mississippi State win over Connecticut - NCAA Women's Basketball
  • Best Game: New England Patriots win over Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI 
  • Best Moment: Chicago Cubs win 2016 World Series
  • Best NFL Player: Aaron Rodgers - Green Bay Packers
  • Best Female US Olympic Athlete: Simone Biles - Gymnastics
  • Best Coach: Bob Hurley Sr. - St. Anthony High School
  • Best WNBA Player: Candace Parker - Los Angeles Sparks
  • Best Male College Athlete: Deshaun Watson - Clemson
  • Best Female College Athlete: Kelly Barnhill - Florida
  • Best Male Action Sports Athlete: Mark McMorris - Snowboarding
  • Best Female Action Sports Athlete: Anna Gasser - Snowboarding
  • Best Male US Olympic Athlete: Michael Phelps - Swimming
  • Best Male Athlete with a Disability: Steve Serio - Wheelchair Basketball
  • Best Female Athlete with a Disability: Becca Meyers - Paralympic Swimming
  • Best Comeback Athlete: Jordy Nelson - Green Bay Packers
  • Best International Athlete: Usain Bolt - Running
  • Best NBA Player: LeBron James - Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Best MLB Player: Mike Trout - Los Angeles Angels
  • Best NHL Player: Sidney Crosby - Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Best Driver: Lewis Hamilton - Formula One
  • Best Fighter: Demetrious Johnson - UFC
  • Best Male Golfer: Sergio Garcia
  • Best Female Golfer: Ariya Jutanugarn
  • Best Male Tennis Player: Roger Federer
  • Best Female Tennis Player: Serena Williams (obviously)
  • Best MLS Player: David Villa - New York City FC
  • Best Jockey: John Velazquez
  • Best Bowler: Jason Belmonte

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Chopping My Lengths

After over a year of growing my curly locks out, I requested a mini trim to rid my lengths of its dead ends. Two inches was my limit, but unfortunately, my hairdresser prefers her own measurements and chose a four inch cut. It's just hair, I know. It will grow again and hopefully my strands will remain healthier than they have in the past so I won't need to trim it down each year. I would much prefer bottom-boob length, but for now we're back to my awkward cut of last summer. I guess I'll have to make it work again!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Packing for San Francisco

I'm going to San Francisco for a few days and am so excited to return to my favorite city! It's been three years since our last family vacation to the Bay Area and food and relaxation are at the top of our list. With the summer weather at 65-ish the whole trip, I'm packing colorful printed tops and lots of denim to style together. I tend to overpack in order to have extra options, so I'm bringing eight tops (for four days, I know I'm an idiot), two dresses, one pair of shorts, one denim skirt, two pairs of jeans, one pair of pants, two sneakers, and flats. Luckily, my suitcase is light enough to toss in every other piece I purchase while on the mainland. Stay tuned for loads of outfit posts featuring the items above!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Isaiah Austin Signs with Guangxi Rhinos

Former Baylor basketball star Isaiah Austin made his return to basketball when he signed a contract with FMP Belgrade in January. Austin was forced to step away from the game he loved after being diagnosed with Marfan syndrome- a fatal illness- before the NBA Draft in 2014. Although Austin believed he would never play basketball again without the threat of serious injury or death, he was cleared to return back to the court. The C averaged 9.1 points, 3.2 rebounds, and 1.2 blocks with the Serbian team and was recently signed to play with the Guangxi Rhinos in China. Good luck Isaiah!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

5 Things

1. A sweet stray I found and lovingly named Grandpa

2. Brandon and me doing what we do best- eating shave ice

3. The best Vietnamese food ever 

4. I should have bought these shorts

5. Thankful for a dad who treks through the North End of Boston to buy me cannolis

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