Friday, July 28, 2017

For Perfect Makeup, Buy This...

I used to despise makeup sponges and reached only for my beloved Sephora Pro brushes. I thought sponges soaked up product and sheered out any coverage I wanted. However, I recently purchased the  Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and discovered the perfect way to achieve natural, flawless skin! I'm completely convinced and I'll never go back to face brushes ever again! Except for my bronzer and blush brushes but that's not the point. I dampen the sponge and spread my tinted moisturizer across my face before patting it in with the rounded side. The more I stipple product in to my skin, the more natural it looks! I spot conceal any blemishes or redness with my favorite concealer and pat it in with the pointed end of the sponge before dabbing the tinted moisturizer-soaked bit all over my face to achieve uniformity. I press the flat edge into my loose translucent powder and dab it into my skin, which is the key step! I used to press powder all over my face with a brush, but using the dampened sponge makes the powder more natural and flawless. The sponge truly pushes the products into my skin and leaves my face looking like I'm wearing little to no makeup. My "face" also lasts all day without touchups and is nearly smudge proof! I'm in love with this sponge and the way it makes me look and I'll throw out every other foundation and concealer brush from now on!

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