Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Kamehameha Alumna

Today marks one year since I graduated from Kamehameha! After one year away from high school, I have grown and changed immensely. During my senior year I never would have expected to delve so deeply into collegiate and professional athletics; pursue an interest in politics; or become a skilled writer. However, 10 months at Baylor has taught me how to become independent and grow into the person I have always aspired to be. I have grown apart from a few high school friendships and given up interests that were an integral part of my life, but those aren't necessarily bad sacrifices. My friends and I have grown up and I've learned that it's okay to let go of the people who don't contribute anything to my life. The same goes for marching and concert band as I've decided to stop the activity I've been involved in from the age of nine. As sports have taken over a large chunk of my life and I've gotten jobs in those departments, band is no longer a part of my life. Thankfully however, the friendships and activities I truly cherish will always remain in my heart and soul. I'm thankful for all of the memories and friendships I made at Kamehameha and am excited for what's to come...


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    1. Haha it took a little while to recover but I'm all good! Now I just have an old man's back :(


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