Thursday, July 14, 2016

A Belated Father's Day

Tonight I took my dad on a father/daughter date for his belated father's day gift. I promised him dinner and golfing (my treat!) so we headed out to Newtown for both. Unfortunately, the dining area was shut down, but we were able to hit a few balls before dinner. The sunset was beautiful and watching my dad play the game he used to coach was both fun and relaxing. One of the best moments for me was discovering that I can actually kind of golf! I don't use the right fundamentals or body positioning, but I was able to hit the ball in the air multiple times. I not only discovered my hidden athletic ability (it's not that much) but also injured myself playing the least athletic sport in history. After golfing, we ate dinner at Shiro's Saimin where dad had a teri beef saimin and I had a "hula hula chicken" with sides galore. I hope you enjoyed your father's day gift dad! P.S. golf video footage coming soon...

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