Friday, September 30, 2016

The Injustice Boycott

An epidemic of injustice is spreading throughout the nation (throughout the world, actually) and the Injustice Boycott is a new effort created to stop police brutality, racial violence and social injustice. The idea was spearheaded by Senior Justice Writer Shaun King of the New York Daily News and the nationwide boycott will launch on December 5, 2016- a nod to the start of the Montgomery Bus Boycott 61 years ago. By joining the boycott, we are refusing to stand by and watch as innocent people are murdered, assaulted and treated without human dignity and respect. While it's important to document brutal events via photos and videos, we are raising awareness by completely standing against cities, states, schools and businesses that perpetuate social violence or are indifferent toward the racism and brutality sweeping over the country. Shaun has penned a more in-depth guide on how we will boycott said places and institutions for the New York Daily News. To be clear, this is not a petition to show support; this is an organization for change- real, tangible change that will span over the next few years or as long as it takes for the violence to end. We will not stand by and watch our brothers and sisters die or be assaulted on our watch. Join us on the Injustice Boycott's website and stand up for the powerless, the voiceless and those who are fighting for equality for all.

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