Sunday, November 13, 2016

Thanking Seth

Baylor QB Seth Russell has suffered yet another season ending injury after fracturing his ankle in the Oklahoma game. The senior endured a broken bone in his neck last year, which concluded his first season as a starter after seven games. Throughout the worst offseason and a year wracked with turmoil, Seth was the beacon of light in the storm. His grace through criticism and undeserved anger is extremely admirable. Seth was the undisputed leader of the team and always fought through turmoil to hold our players together. When reporters asked him difficult questions, he never avoided the topic and answered with dignity and poise. He embraced Coach Grobe after the coaching transition and positioned himself to keep the players focused. He could have easily transferred to a different program amid the uncertainty of the season, but Seth stayed and gave Baylor fans a true leader to cheer for. Not only is he an incredible person but also a phenomenal player. He will be concluding his collegiate career with a 14-3 record and 5,461 passing yards for 60 passing touchdowns and 1,240 rushing yards for 20 rushing touchdowns. Thank you Seth for lighting the way when the path seemed so dark. You will truly be missed.

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