Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The 2016 CFP Rankings Week One

The third annual College Football Playoff will kick off in January 2017 and the selection committee released the first ranking of the season. While I've previously stated that rankings don't matter until the final selection, it's still important to take note who's currently in and out. Of course, the former national champion Alabama is coming in at No. 1 with an undefeated record. Bama has demolished every opponent besides Ole Miss (the team that gives the Crimson Tide a run for its money each year) so they rightfully belong at the top. Clemson is also undefeated with its best win against Lamar Jackson-led Louisville. Deshaun Watson is still an incredible QB so the Tigers a strong contender for the national title. Michigan destroyed my poor Rainbow Warriors in their season opener and has gained national attention for their offensive centipede formation. Look toward LB Jabrill Peppers if you want to see a standout athlete perform at every position. One-loss Texas A&M is the black sheep of the top four as many (including me) believe undefeated Washington should be ranked at the fourth spot. A&M was routed by Alabama and could suffer another loss in the remainder of their season so keep an eye open for the wildcard fourth slot. Washington has come out of nowhere and excelled through 60% of their schedule. If they keep dominating, I believe they can win out and make it into the playoff for the first time. Ohio State and Louisville were each handed a loss, but the Cardinals have a "better" one against Clemson rather than the Buckeyes' fall to Penn State. I still think Louisville QB Lamar Jackson will win the Heisman trophy and the Cardinals have a solid chance at executing well through the rest of the year. In my opinion, two-loss Wisconsin and Auburn should not be in the top 10 over undefeated and one-loss teams, but we'll see how the rankings rearrange themselves as November's games start. Nebraska ties off the top 10 with a loss to Wisconsin last week. The Big 12 saw four teams enter the rankings with Oklahoma at 14, Baylor at 17, Oklahoma State at 18 and West Virginia at 20 (how?). Like I said before, these rankings are completely insignificant, but it's still fun to see where each team fares!

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