Thursday, December 15, 2016

Blogmas Day 15 | My Winter Break Bucket List

Going to school on the mainland has made me truly appreciate my home more than I ever used to. The lush foliage, never-ending mountains, glassy oceans and plethora of diversity can only be found in the home I love. I've already listed the activities I want to engage and restaurants to eat at over the next three weeks. Look to this post as a mini guide of my favorite places at home!

  • Yokohama Beach
  • Likelike Drive Inn
  • Nanakuli Beach
  • Lanikai Pillboxes
  • Kakaʻako Kitchen
  • Honolulu City Lights
  • Mānoa Falls
  • My Cafe
  • Sweet E's Cafe
  • Jackass Ginger
  • Helena's
  • Makapuʻu Tidepools
  • Tokkuri-Tei
  • Izakaya Nonbei

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