Friday, December 16, 2016

Blogmas Day 16 | The Christmas Gift Guide for Him

Men are notoriously difficult to shop for because they aren't usually too keen on receiving makeup or bath products. I struggle to find my dad the perfect gift each year without fail since he hates gift cards and is picky with the brands and products he likes. Although I struck gold with dad's gifts this year, I want to help you find the right gift for the difficult men in your life no matter his age or interests!

For the working man...
The Frye David Leather Briefcase is a classic case that will stand the test of time. The worn teal shade and soft leather sets it apart from every other briefcase in the office. Frye is where comfort meets fashion and any man in your life will be lucky to have one!

For the Ron Swanson twin...
Whistlepig 10 Year Straight Rye Whiskey is the perfect pick to pair with the Football Playbook Glasses. I don't drink, but if Ron Swanson's perfect gift is a glass of whiskey and a breakfast buffet, then the former is good present for any man. The glasses aren't the usual classy cup but they sure are useful in both life and football!

For the sports fan...
Speaking of football (and in no way are these gifts limited to men only), I found two presents that would satisfy the true sports fanatics in your household. The website Uncommon Goods created a New York Times Custom Football Book featuring articles and snippets from the team of your choice. Because sports are personal, a customized book filled with the history and highlights of one's favorite team seems like the perfect gift for the real fan. A 47 Brand NFL Fairfax Cuff Beanie is a perfect wardrobe addition during the colder months. The gift of warmth and team spirit are always great presents!

For the techie...
Give your guys the gift of music and freedom of movement with the Bose SoundLink Mini II Bluetooth Speaker. Many of my friends own this speaker and the sound quality is amazing! It's perfect for travel, camping or time at the beach. The Hamilton soundtrack sounds especially good when projected 10 feet away. If he's more of a personal music listener, the B&O Play H7 Leather Wireless Headphones are the way to go. The noise-cancelling headphones are great for the avid traveler and any guy who needs to tune the world out once in a while.

For the fashion lover...
Classic watches are a must-have for any grown man and the Baume & Mercier Swiss Automatic Clifton Watch is my personal favorite. I have my dad's taste when it comes to timepieces (ew I hate that word) and I was instantly attracted to the dark face and silver hardware. The Cole Haan 'Colton' Chukka Boot is a minimalistic wardrobe must-have that would look amazing with jeans and a button up.

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