Friday, February 24, 2017

Baylor Spring Football

Baylor football is back!!! Kind of. My life feels incomplete without the game and I've been counting down the days until the first practices of Matt Rhule's era. Spring is a season of fresh starts, new beginnings and a chance for reinvention. Spring is the new Baylor football: new faces, familiar players, recent additions, unfamiliar playcalling and schemes. Like the blossoming of a puakenikeni, Baylor fans can witness the originality of a unique Baylor football. Spring practices begin on March 18, when coach Rhule and co. will create a whole new team. On April 4, students have the opportunity to enjoy the first practice for 2017-18. April 22 boasts the team's spring game. Blossoming, petals ripping, growth and fauna changes are the equivalent of fresh QB competition, starting position challenges, new scheme growing pains and coach feedback. Spring is a new season and Baylor will display a changed team.

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