Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Showing Love

Valentine's Day is one of those holidays where people seem to be either overjoyed or miserable. I think people feel left out if they don't have a significant other to celebrate with, but I personally think it's a fun idea. My dad always sends me a huge box of Honolulu Chocolate Company chocolates, I watch Rush Hour 2 and go about my day as usual. It's also nice to remember that my people demolished Captain Cook on this day in 1779 but that's another story. Whether you're single or taken on Valentine's Day, you can make a longer lasting impact by donating financially and showing love to organizations that help and protect people. Some of my favorite organizations are the ACLUCollege GuildSouthern Poverty Law Center and Equal Justice Initiative. So while you're busy showering your loved ones or yourself with chocolate and love, show some kindness to these great organizations who consistently fight for the rights of all people.

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