Wednesday, February 8, 2017

When Sports Are Boring

While I'm overtly passionate about football and basketball (with volleyball, tennis and surfing thrown in), there are some sports I can't stand. Baseball, soccer and hockey are the most monotonous activities to follow and no matter how hard I try to, I never enjoy them. I'll go to UH baseball games with my dad for the nachos and chicken strips ($5 for chicken and french fries? That's unheard of) and I'll watch MLB for Kenta Maeda, but baseball itself is so boring! Why would I spend a whole day watching a game that could be decided with one score in the last inning? The same goes for soccer. I was happy for my friends who were outstanding on the field (punny!) in high school, but the thought of players kicking the ball back and forth for over 90 minutes when the final score could be a penalty kick drives me insane. I don't even bother with hockey because there's no way to even see where the puck is! I want to enjoy all sports and appreciate how difficult they are, but football and basketball are just so much more entertaining. I'll just have to try and force myself to watch games and study their rules, players and stats in order to try and like them. If you like any of the aforementioned sports, what is your favorite part about them? Help a girl out.

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