Monday, March 20, 2017

Baton Rouge Blues

LOFT top, J.Crew jacket (similar here), LOFT jeans, Ocean Creations necklace

The transition from winter to spring in the south is unpredictable when dressing. Some days are so cold that I wear three layers of clothing while others force me to sport dresses and flowy shorts. The weather in Louisiana was a mixture of rainy, sunny and freezing (thank you climate change) so I had to mix up a few pieces a day. I wanted to be both comfortable and stylish when we drove from Houston to Louisiana so I sported my coziest jeans, a loose top and my favorite tweed jacket to keep me warm. Because I am also a local tita, I wore my fancy beige slippers to complete the outfit. I threw on my pair of Oʻahu earrings and my three everyday necklaces for a fancy touch. 

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