Sunday, April 16, 2017

New York Day Two

On day two of my NYC trip, Parker came to join us! We woke up unnecessarily late and met Parker at around 12:30 pm. After scouring Yelp for the best looking dim sum restaurant, we landed at Jing Fong in Chinatown. A few subway stops later and we were devouring plates of look fun, char siu bao, roast pork and shumai. Although the look fun had Chinese parsley in it, everything was delicious. Good thing I'm my father's daughter, so picking out the steamed dumplings I wanted was an easy feat (even in the heart of Chinatown). I would like to thank two decades worth of Empress dim sum visits, my father's determination to order at the restaurant and their nice Chinese Auntys for teaching me how to brave the world of New York dim sum ordering. I couldn't have done it without all of you. After stuffing our faces with my favorite type of food, we took a few more subway stops to Brooklyn and walked across the bridge. There were thousands (maybe exaggerating) of people crowding the bridge walkway, but luckily the man who took our picture made everyone else magically disappear. Thanks iPhone 7 for having such a top notch quality camera! We looked for a bathroom for about an hour and couldn't find one for the life of us. What the hell Brooklyn? Do you have a law against public bathrooms? We spent $5 on pastries at a cookie shop in order to use their bathroom before they announced the installation of free public toilets across the street. Great marketing strategy. Once our stomachs were full and bladders empty, we paid $2 each to ride the carousel in a park under the bridge. Unsurprisingly, we were older than 50% of the riders and younger than the other 50%. After making a horrible stop in Williamsburg and skedaddling out of there, we ate dinner at a Genki sushi-wannabe called Yo! Sushi. The plates were a lot more takai than Genki so we each ate three plates. I went for the chicken katsu curry, chicken gyoza and edamame for a total of $20. Although the food was good, I can't justify spending $6 on a curry the size of my mini wallet. You bet your bottom dollar we stopped for some gelato after and the homemade one from Four Season Cafe was a better buy than Eataly's $7 per scoop selection. We all crashed at 10 p.m. when we got back to the hotel and prepared for another fun day in the city!

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