Monday, May 15, 2017

I Love Baseball Now?

It appears as though collegiate sports have done it again in the realm of "making Noelle love them". I've always hated baseball since the time I went to my first Giants game as a child. An hours-long game mixed with drunk men hurling curse words and beer around me was not my favorite San Francisco memory. Who knew I would one day become those men? Oh...minus the beer of course. I've had more experiences with the game this past season as I watched and worked at a few Baylor games. However, yesterday was the turning point for my relationship with baseball. Just as the Baylor football homecoming game in 2012 started my passion for football, the UH vs. UC-Irvine matchup to win the series won over my heart. I somehow attract awful refs/umpires at every sports event I attend and this game was no different. After yelling ʻauwē a million times and losing my voice, my love for baseball began. Even in the seventh inning, I wanted to stay for the rest of the game (first time for everything right?). UH ultimately lost to the California demons, but I enjoyed the match up immensely. I still don't understand baseball as much as my beloved football and basketball, but perhaps one day I'll be an addict and post about RBIs and action within innings! For now I'll stick to my vocally aggressive fandom.

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